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Post-karneval merchandise sale

30 May

If you’d wanted some Lundakarnevalen souvenirs but didn’t get a chance to pick them up during the actual event, you’ll get another opportunity in a post-carnival sale Monday and Tuesday (May 31 and June 1) from 3pm to 8pm in Café Athen, in the AF building.

Were they selling giant beer-can waste bins for Karneval 1900?

Some items/sizes are sold out but you can still pick up momentoes of various types, from women’s underwear to sweatshirts, glasses, posters, and the famous papperskorg (garbage cans).

Karneval tåget videos

27 May

Missed the train?

Here’s another chance to try and understand the jokes:

Lundakarnevalen 2010

23 May

Last but not least

The last day of carnival is shaping to be not as sunny and warm as the first two, but there’s still lots of entertainment to be found no matter the weather!

Here’s a look at what’s gone on so far!

The Carnival General makes a triumphant arrival - © PAC

The games are on - © Anika Lindtner

Music is in the air - © Anika Lindtner

Good view from here - © Anika Lindtner

Retro Stefson in action - © Anika Lindtner

Current events as seen by the Tåget team - © PAC

Nothing and no one is spared by Carnival humour - © PAC

Feeling the carnival love - © Anika Lindtner

Lundakarneval 2010 weekend

22 May

So far so good

One Systembolaget ran out of booze, you have to queue for pretty much everything even once inside, it costs 30 SEK for a small can of cheap beer you can only drink inside designated areas, the main stage is at  a weird angle so most people can’t see a thing – but nothing can stop the carnival (and carnival goers) from going forward!

Lagom food tent queue - as Swedish as it gets?

The atmosphere is festive and people of all ages are having fun (average age does stabilize to about 23 after sundown) – some of the booths are quite funny and worth checking out, and just simple crowd watching is an activity in itself. The weather is not bad, and 2010 is definitely shaping like a successful edition.

Don’t forget there’s also lots of cool stuff happening with Nations karnevaler.  As for the main carnival, you can check out our music schedule and general schedule; Sydsvenskan also has a pretty good pocket guide (the Google translation is not great however; if you read Swedish, the Lokaltidningen had a quite good and complete guide).

Rätt och Fel KarnevEl 2010

21 May

It begins

After months of preparations, Lundakarnevalen opens officially today, Friday May 21, at noon (check out the schedule).

The carnival area stretches throughout Lundagård and even up to Paradisgatan (Barneval kids area). Maps of the whole surface are available from the information/ticket booths (we’re looking for an online version, all we got so far is this official online live map, this or this).

Quick run through of the Official map and how it works…

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General Karneval schedule

18 May

Lundagård ready to roll starting Friday at noon!

Final stretch for construction and preparations – the 2010 Lundakarnevalen is about to begin!

As a preview, here’s a look at the 2006 tåget (parade), which will follow the traditional route:

For an overview of the official Karneval schedule…

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Nations Karneval

17 May

Most usual activities on hold, party begins mid-week

Be aware some Nation lunches and pubs/nightclubs might be cancelled this week due to carnival preparations – double check before making plans. However, do plan to attend Nations’ karneval activities, many of which begin a day or two earlier than the official Lundakarnevalen (May 21-23).

Indeed, on top of the main Lundakarnevalen events revolving around the “rätt och fel” (right and wrong) theme, nations run their own activities along parallel themes.

For an overview of what each nation is organizing as well as other useful info…

Get ready to party like it's 1559?

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Karneval Music Update

13 May

Dansen artists added

The line-up for the Sunday May 23rd carnival dance party at the AF building gains a hip-hop super group.

Tickets should still be available for a chance to hear, see and dance to the sound of Stupit Amerikinz, a new project featuring J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks, Maylay Sparks, Kaydee, Knoiota… They’ll be sharing the evening’s stage with Maskinen.

Ticket info here and schedule info here.

Karneval 2010 Music

11 May

May you hear the music

by Florina Vilciu and Ariane Senécal

Many hot artists, emerging and experienced, will head to Lund during Carnival. The Dynamo caught up with some of them prior to their arrival; find out what they had to say when under our spotlight!

© Image courtesy of The Housewives

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Karneval Music Schedule

11 May

Lend them your ears

Two major venues for musical guests during carnival will be the Dansen, a dance-club experience taking place all three evenings inside the AF castle, and the main stage, a large outdoor scene set up in Lundagård that will host afternoon and evening shows.

Find the schedule here…

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