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Travel: Where to go around Lund?

13 Apr

Helsingborg, oh boy!
by Rebekka Schlippe.

Photos: © Rebekka Schlippe

Helsingborg’s city hall is relatively young for this old town, dating from the late-19th century

Ever been to a 925th birthday? Well this year you could get lucky as one of Skåne’s oldest and most scenic towns, Helsingborg, celebrates its 925 years of existence on the 21st of May.

During these past 925 years much has happened in this charming city, which is located on the east coast of Skåne. In the Middle Ages Helsingborg was a very important Danish town because of its very strategic location.

The Swedes captured the town no less than six times from the Danes, but eventually always lost it back to them again. It was first in 1710 that Magnus Stenbock defeated the Danes in the Battle of Helsingborg, which is considered to be one of the bloodiest battles to have been fought on Swedish soil. Continue reading

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