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Lundakarneval 2010 weekend

22 May

So far so good

One Systembolaget ran out of booze, you have to queue for pretty much everything even once inside, it costs 30 SEK for a small can of cheap beer you can only drink inside designated areas, the main stage is at  a weird angle so most people can’t see a thing – but nothing can stop the carnival (and carnival goers) from going forward!

Lagom food tent queue - as Swedish as it gets?

The atmosphere is festive and people of all ages are having fun (average age does stabilize to about 23 after sundown) – some of the booths are quite funny and worth checking out, and just simple crowd watching is an activity in itself. The weather is not bad, and 2010 is definitely shaping like a successful edition.

Don’t forget there’s also lots of cool stuff happening with Nations karnevaler.  As for the main carnival, you can check out our music schedule and general schedule; Sydsvenskan also has a pretty good pocket guide (the Google translation is not great however; if you read Swedish, the Lokaltidningen had a quite good and complete guide).

Karneval traditions – Karnevöl

10 May

The beer is out!

The 2010 Lundakarnevalen beer is available at Systembolaget stores for 10 SEK a can.

Carnival beer (Karneval + öl = karnevöl!) is an important source of revenue for the event.

See the can here, become a fan here, or better yet, go out and buy it there.

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