New to Lund?

If you’ve just arrived or are preparing your arrival to Lund, here are some links you may find useful – we’ll add more as we find them. There’s practical stuff (about laundry, groceries, etc.), maps, stories… Things that could help life in Lund be easier and more pleasant from the get-go. There is some information in different languages too – see below!

Careful, some of the information may be out of date (but might still be interesting as a starting point) or not fully accurate (most are from personal, sometimes atypical experiences).

In any case, don’t hesitate to email us at if you have questions – we’ve been there! 🙂


Getting around and getting organized

Erasmus Exchange Lund (Sweden) 2011/2012: Facebook group for Erasmus students (non Erasmus exchangers welcome too of course).

Lundagå Since Spring 2010, LU’s student union newspaper is publishing some content online in English!

Int’l Students: FAQs but much more too, worth reading thoroughly.

Getting in to Lund: different options explained courtesy of the Chemistry Centre.

Lund bike map: All the bike trails and bike-friendly roads in Lund and around. The real deal is on sale at the Tourism Office.

Know your health rights: PDF with very useful and important information about health care rights, mostly geared to Master’s students.

Studentkartan: Google map of Lund student sites. In Swedish, but then so are street names in Lund!

Smålands International Secretariat Best of Lund Map: Another Google map, this one in English, by the most outspokenly activist of Nations! Looking for an apartment (bostad/lägenhet), furniture (möbler), a boat (…)? This community-board type site has it all! In Swedish only, but worth trying to figure it out.

Skånetrafiken: If you’re taking the local/regional train or bus anywhere, here’s the page to plan your departure and arrivals. To travel cheaper, get a Jojo (you say like ‘yo-yo’) card from the Skånetrafiken offices (at Botulfsplatsen or the train station), which you load with 200 SEK and use as a prepaid card directly on the bus or in the machines at the station (including some in Copenhagen airport!). For the cheapest fare of all, use your Jojo to buy a duo ticket for you and a friend, and split the cost (get your friend to use his/her card on the trip back or to buy you a drink! :D). Also know your ticket is valid for the entire zone you’re travelling to – so a train ticket to Malmö is also valid in Malmö on the local bus for whatever time until your ticket expires… Every öre saved counts! 😉

LUFF: Lund University Foreign Friends is mostly for researchers and professors, but they give good general info (shopping, Swedish dos and don’ts, etc.) – browse using the left-hand menu.

The Wash Post: A blog post with useful translations about Swedish laundry rooms (they really do require an introduction – they even got their own exhibit!). You can read a personal experience involving laundry room etiquette here (or here again from the same guy – generally a funny blog by a Swedish American returning to his roots), a quick web search for ‘Swedish laundry room’ will return a bunch!

Lund, Sweden Loves Bikes and Public Transport: Intro and link to a BBC report on Lund, “The City Where Bicycles Dominate”! (One comment brings up something to look into: “The local Ikea even had cargo-like attachments that you could borrow for your bike”?!)

Tandem Language Exchange Partnership: The good people at LundaEkonomerna do lots for International students (not just their own Economics folk), including this program that partners up wannabe language learners depending on what they respectively want to learn.


In students’ words

(for specific languages, see below!)


Survival Guide by Neal Corson, Ex-exchange student at Lund University: Very complete and detailed personal page about Sweden in general and Lund in details.

Arrival Survival Guide: Highly useful 9-page PDF guide written by Med students (updated in 2009).

Krista, Beth and Polly from SFU: Slightly old but/newer and extensive PDF reports by Canadian exchange students.

Goh Si Xian and Ng Hui Min from NUS: Slightly old but extensive reports in Word format by Singaporean exchange students.

Matthew from UQueensland: Short 2008 report from an Australian student.

Klara from UUtrecht: Short 2007 report from a Dutch student.

Georgia Tech info sheet: Collected comments by American students in PDF format.

iAgora reviews: Over 100 reports to read through. Mostly evaluative but can be informative. (Full reviews require membership.)

STARS narratives: Lots of reports from the Study Abroad Report System, usually not in great details but some useful stuff.


Lundagård’s international blog: Ongoing blog by international students, hosted by the LU student unions’ newspaper.

Letters from Lund: 2010-2011 blog by a Californian Master’s student.

welovesweden: 2010-2011 blog by a French Erasmus student (in French mostly, despite the English title!).

Surviving In Sweden: Ongoing (starting November 2010) blog by an American who first came to Lund on exchange, just like most of us, but then made the big move and is still here! Great cultural insights, some quite useful, some just funny.

Evanabroad: Few posts about a 2007 exchange to Lund,  including a good intro to what nations are like.

Nath in Lund: For the French speakers out there, 2009-2010 blog about a year of studies in Lund. Personal adventures but lots of useful info mixed in.

Polar Bears, Northern Lights & Letters Home: A chronicle of the latest semester in Lund (January to June 2010), written by an Australian exchange students.

Paul Heim in Lund: 2009 blog about an exchange semester in Lund by an American Student. Not super complete but some pix and info on business classes.

Lund à la française: Blog by a law student on a one-year exchange, 2009-2010. In French!

Erasmus in Lund: Bilingual (French & English?) Erasmus blog from 2008, also with lots of general info, very user-oriented!

In different languages

Chinese – 中文 (also here)

Russian – русский язык

German – Deutsch

More to come – send us your suggestions!


Good luck and welcome!


3 Responses to “New to Lund?”

  1. Natascia Bernardi June 1, 2011 at 13:13 #

    Hej there!

    I got accepted as Master Student in Sport Psychology @ Lund…
    I would like to cooperate with you with my Italian point of view.
    I am a 35 y.o. who lived, studied and worked in Italy, Dublin, UK and Toronto.
    Do you know if this is possible and how?
    I am also learning some Swedish here in Bologna, where I live…
    Please let me know: I will hit Lund on Aug. 14th.

    Hej da



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    […] New to Lund? […]

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