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New Domkyrka Forum

4 Jul

Lund Cathedral getting upgraded

The Lund Cathedral will not look like this by June 2011...

Work on the much-announced, ultra-modern welcome centre to the Lund Domkyrka has begun.

(Read a Sydvenskan article (Google translated) here.)

These new developments go with many renovations and new buildings that will be coming to Lundagård – read more about it in our Briefs news section in our third issue.

The Nations from A to Ö

13 May

H is for Hallands

Thanks to Oscar Petersson, Qurator at Hallands nation.

When were you founded and why: 1928, when members of Göteborgs nation thought that Hallands should be it’s own nation.

What is the pride of your nation: The party prize of the tandem race, and the most beautiful dinner room in Lund.

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Karneval 2010 Music

11 May

May you hear the music

by Florina Vilciu and Ariane Senécal

Many hot artists, emerging and experienced, will head to Lund during Carnival. The Dynamo caught up with some of them prior to their arrival; find out what they had to say when under our spotlight!

© Image courtesy of The Housewives

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Karneval Music Schedule

11 May

Lend them your ears

Two major venues for musical guests during carnival will be the Dansen, a dance-club experience taking place all three evenings inside the AF castle, and the main stage, a large outdoor scene set up in Lundagård that will host afternoon and evening shows.

Find the schedule here…

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