Karneval 2010 Music

11 May

May you hear the music

by Florina Vilciu and Ariane Senécal

Many hot artists, emerging and experienced, will head to Lund during Carnival. The Dynamo caught up with some of them prior to their arrival; find out what they had to say when under our spotlight!

© Image courtesy of The Housewives

Spotlight on… The Housewives

Straight from the hottest dance floors in Stockholm and Berlin and into AF-Borgen – The Housewives are ready to share with us “an electrifying experience to stock in our pantry”.

No, we are not exaggerating, this is La Fleur and Adeline Supreme warning us about the amazing show they have ready for dansen Saturday May 22.

After quite some months of hard work on their first EP, Dirty Dancing, which came out at the end of 2009, the duo has been enjoying great positive vibes from the public.

Their visit to Lund might not sound as appealing as the shows they put up in European capitals, but they’re “really excited as it is such a vibrant city, inhabited by lots of students hungering for a great night and dance. And that’s when Housewives come along, feeding them all with the absolutely best mega house and filthy beats.”

Lundakarnevalen caught their attention as one of the best festivals in Sweden and they have been genuinely touched by the students’ dedication to putting up an incredible event.

“Everyone that’s involved is doing it by her/his own free will and that’s when you know it’s done with great spirit and joy. We expect the love to flow freely!” (They really know how to get us all pumped up, don’t they?)

For the next couple of months, The Housewives have a quite busy schedule, working both in the studio and in clubs around Stockholm, Berlin and London. Get ready for “a night to remember” at the Karneval!

Watch them in action…

Official website; MySpace


Spotlight on… MA Numminen

© Image courtesy of M.A. Numminen

Mauri Antero Numminen is not easy to describe briefly: musician, singer, writer, film-maker, lecturer, children’s artist…

The accomplished musician (jazz, classical, electronic, opera, tango, folk, rock) could have followed a very different road back when he was a student learning “too many subjects” (“a normal schedule has 4, I took 10!”). MA Numminen says becoming an artist was an “easier solution”, but he still draws from philosophy, sociology and linguistics in his art.

May 21 will not be his first time in Lund – he has passed through often over the last 40 years: “Lund is one my great favourites in Sweden, there’s a special kind of feeling in this old university town.”

The musician is “eager to experience what kind of audience there will be this time”.

MA Numminen recently turned 70: rather than marking his birthday, he chooses to see “a celebration for me as a new composer”. He’ll be coming to Lund with a new show, with “well-known songs arranged quite differently, that sound completely different”.

Until then, hear him sing Wittgenstein:

Official website


Spotlight on… Name the Pet

When asked what she thinks it means to be bringing her pumping dance electronica to Lundakarnevalen, Hanna Brandén, aka Name the Pet, answers without hesitation: “It means party? I love students.”

The 24 year-old Swede is riding high these days. Higher visibility, recognition, level of confidence: “I feel so secure with my band now; in the beginning I always felt a bit misplaced on stage, I used to stand on speakers and behind DJ booths.”

But now surrounded by musicians she trusts, including DJ Cristian Dinamarca, her attitude has evolved: “Now I feel at home there. It’s as if every venue turns into my favourite club.”

© Image by Ninja Hanna courtesy of Name the Pet

Name the Pet will bring her fun, sexy, energetic show to the dansen stage May 21, where the audience will be treated to a premiere: “We made a new electronic version of the track ‘London’. The Lund crowd will be the first to hear it.”

Playing festivals and other events with diverse crowds can be a challenge, but Name the Pet is looking forward to convincing whatever skeptics remain: “I think it’s fun to try and win people over. If they feel anything when they leave, even if they don’t admit it – that’s enough for me.”

Need convincing?



Spotlight on… Gaby and the Guns

Right from the heart of Lund and soon on the big stage of Lundagård, Gaby and the Guns promise to take us on a musical rollercoaster with their beats – a mix of pop and country with a bit of a French touch.

Ever since their debut in 2009, the band has been receiving glorious reviews and as Gaby confessed to us, “the audience is always blown away by our live performance.”

© Image courtesy of Gaby and the Guns

Recently, Gaby has acquired two new “Guns”: David (guitar) and Fabian (drums), and has been working on new tunes which we will have the opportunity to hear for the first time live on May 23.

Gaby didn’t want to get into details but gave us a few clues: “The performance at Lundakarnevalen will actually be our first show for the summer and the grand premiere for our new live act. That’s as much as we can tell you or there won’t be any surprises at all!”

As for the near future, Gaby and the Guns are dedicating themselves to touring and playing at various festivals, among which Siesta! in May; during July and August you can catch them performing in Malmö.

Get a sneak peak here…

Official website; MySpace


Spotlight on… Nottee

Though she doesn’t play dance music proper, describing her own sound as “down tempo”, there is definitely a catchy beat to Nottee’s songs.

Stockholm-based Nonno Drougge (her real name), who played bass for electropop-band Lo-Fi-Fnk, builds a rhythm into her poppy constructions that should keep dancers happily entranced.

Nottee is an ambitious young artist, working on bigger, better things: “You can expect to hear something that is on another level than before, what you’ve heard from Nottee so far are just demos. So hold on!”

Mother nature may have thrown Nottee a curve ball this Spring, when a certain volcano forced her to push back some dates in London, but no ash cloud should keep her from Lund. It will be a homecoming of sorts for Nottee, who spent time in Skåne as a child and later after gymnasiet (high school). Come welcome her on to the dansen stage May 21!

Hear her here first:



Spotlight on… Retro Stefson

Coming all the way from now famous Iceland, Retro Stefson promises to bring a mixture of diverse music styles to Lundakarnevalen. If you wonder how a blend of Icelandic, Portuguese and English music sounds, then head out to hear and see it all for yourself on May 22!

© Image courtesy of Retro Stefson

We asked Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson, lead singer, about what they’ve been up to lately and what they have in store for Lund. These days they’ve been rocking the clubs in Copenhagen and Oslo, together with FM Belfast, another Icelandic band touring Scandinavia.

It seems the idea to play at Lundakarnevalen came through family connections: “Me and my brother [bass player for RS] have an Icelandic cousin that is raised in Sweden, he is Karnevollywoodmästare for Göteborgs nation. His name is Stefan, which is a popular name in our family – this name is also the reason for the 2nd half of our band name.”

Carnival specifics still remain a mystery even for Unnsteinn, so we couldn’t steal any trade secrets from him, but he definitely seems to enjoy surprises: “That’s what I like about our trip to Sweden: we do not know what to expect but we think we should expect something great! What we are looking the most forward to do is to buy some snus!”

As for the public, they should be ready for an amazing show at Lundagård, and watch out, they’re preparing some surprises “för tjejerna” (for the ladies!).

See them live not just in Lund, but also in Copenhagen soon after the carnival. Over the summer, they plan to get round to recording another album in Iceland, but they might be back in the fall!

Check it out girls (and boys)…

Official website; MySpace


Find the full music schedule here and keep reading us for Karneval updates!

As for the near future, Gaby and the Guns are dedicating themselves to touring and playing at various festivals, among which Siesta! in May; during July and August you can catch them performing in Malmö. Check out gabyandtheguns.com for updates on the band and go see the show!

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  1. Jack at 18:35 #

    Hi guys, great article. This has helped me choose who I want to go see, thanks! Florina, I think you’re article on libraries though was a little bit better, man that was an exhilirating read! Do you think you could do a follow up? Maybe best study tips or places for group discussions?

    All the best

  2. Adriano at 14:31 #

    Hey Dynamo and Florina,
    what a great article, thanks!
    I agree with Jack though, I would love to read more articles on study tips. Maybe one on favorite study snack? or a survey on which hours of the day people tend to study most?
    Looking forward to reading the next issue!

  3. PA Amplifier : at 05:09 #

    dance floors with shiny marble tiles are my favorite ..


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