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Biking in Lund

18 Aug

Know what you want when you buy, know where to go to fix problems

City bike, grandmother bike, mountain bike? You see everything on the streets of Lund. But what are you going to ride? Some advice: get an ugly old bike that works really well – it will carry you safely but won’t get stolen! 😀

There are different places to get a bike in Lund – there’s loads of bike shops, for one. Most of these also offer repair services and parts. There usually not cheap, but you get some guarantee of quality and after-sales service.

Lundaböcker has good prices, but it’s not a bike shop – it’s mainly a new & used book & copy store, that also sells bikes from past students on consignment at the beginning of the semester (and collects them at the end of the semester). It is not a bike shop, so you get the bike as-is without any guarantees, and the price has been set by the student selling it, not the shop (which makes money by taking a commission on the sale price).

If you want to buy direct from someone, there is always Blocket.se or check out the community boards in supermarkets and around town (AF building, buildings where you have classes, international office, etc.).

Lundaböcker and direct buying from the owner are good ways to get a trusty used bikes for cheaper than most anywhere else, but you do take a chance because you can’t return it (unless you want to resell it). Make sure you are ready to accept this deal before you buy.

If you do by a used bike that needs some care, one very cool place to check out if you are willing to work yourself and learn is Cykelköket in Malmö (Google translated here). It is an all-volunteer initiative in Malmö where you can learn to fix your bike and use the tools, parts and work space – for free! Riding your bike to Malmö is an option if it’s working well enough (check out the Lund bike map – directions to Malmö on the back side) but you can also take your bike on the train – you’ll need to buy a child’s ticket for it.

One more place to check out is Lundahoj (Google translation here), located inside the train station, at the north end. You can get your bike registered in case it’s stolen so it doesn’t get resold in one of the city auctions (!) or you can borrow a few tools or simply refill the air in your tires, all for free. They rent bikes too – by the day, week or even semester! That’s also where you have rails to go up and down to pass through the station (useful for Vildanden residents or to get to Blekingska nation or Nova Lund and the big stores around, for example).

One place to buy cheap bike parts, lights and locks is the Biltema hardware store in Malmö, but it’s a bit hard to get to without a car – not impossible though, but then calculate if it’s worth the transportation cost to go all the way there! They also sell not-too-expensive new bikes, but these are a favourite for thieves so consider registering it and getting a powerful lock.

You might want to consider a helmet – biking in Lund is generally safe, but accidents can always happen! If you have a bigger budget, you could consider getting the Hövding airbag for cyclists… It was created by two ex-LTH students and the company is based in Malmö. See below!! 😀

Valborg 2011 Preparations

29 Apr

Last day before Last of April

Lund is alive with spring fever on this Valborg eve. A few notes for a great day ahead!

 The Lund city website has general information about rules (you are not allowed to bring glass bottles or furniture in the park – this includes camping chairs; blankets are best, one-time barbecues are fine too) and the weekend’s events here (Radio AF will be there – note the unfortunately little noticed Facebook event claiming 100 years of Valborg parties in the park!).

For those planning a liquid lunch, note all Systembolaget stores in Lund will be closed tomorrow. (So expect queues today!) Opening hours for different stores can be found here.

In past years mobile communication in the park has proved somewhat difficult. So many people mean signals are not always good, and besides you can’t hear so well!  It’s a good idea for friends to meet up before entering the fray.

For those eager to start partying already, VGs and Hallands join forces tonight to bring you Kvalborg. Details in English – scroll down the  Facebook event description.

Sydsvenskan has a good overview of all the weekend’s happenings here and here (both articles Google translated of course!). Find a fire near you!

The weather is looking nice (but not so warm)! Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

© Anika Lindtner

Valborg 2011

28 Apr

“City park is waiting for the invasion”

Sounds serious, but it’s anything but – the Sydsvenskan article in question (Google translated here) is referring to Siste April happenings in Stadsparken. The Facebook event has over 17,000 guests at the time of writing.

April 30 is a special day in many places (although May 1 is the actual holiday), but particularly in Lund – a “spontaneous” gathering of students partying all day in the park is the standard. There are also bonfires in parks and on beaches.

© Sergio Silva

More details to come in the coming days!

New Dynamo issue!

23 Apr

Read it today!

News, sports, theater, recipe, nutrition, comics, and even a sudoku! Read all this and more today in the newest issue of The Dynamo!

Bike auction

13 Apr

Another sign of spring!

If this is your bike, time to get a new one. Photo © Yuval Y.

Spring clean up in Lund means picking up abandoned bikes and selling them at auctions! Tomorrow Thursday, April 14, and again April 28, you can try bidding on the set of wheels you think will get you where you need to go!

Details are here (in Swedish), but all you really need to know is the time (browsing starts at 5, auction at 6pm) and place (next to LTH’s V-huset at the corner of John Ericssons vĂ€g and Ole Römers vĂ€g). And mark the “Cash only: purchase price + 20%” note…

HĂ€lsningsgille, Spring 2011

1 Feb

This Friday!

Though the prime audience for this event is new Swedish students (as you can see, the info had to be Google-translated from here), everyone can drop by the AF building this Friday, from noon to 4pm, to meet-and-greet with student, community, sports, etc. organizations of all kinds.

Among others, there will be a special station where students can get information (and also help) for registration to Studentlund.se (the mega-organization of nations, unions, etc.).  If you’d like to register or double-check your files it’s important to have your LU-identity number – if your are not certain what that is, just bring your welcome package and they will help to sort it out!

Handball bus service

18 Jan

Special line 84 goes Botulfplatsen-Arena-Mejeriet

You can find more details here from the Lunds kommun website (Google translated for your reading pleasure).

Handball World Championship

16 Jan

Get in the game!

If you’re a handball fan, or if you just want to party with sports fans, you might want to check out the 22nd Men’s Handball World Championship!

There are games all over Sweden, and games in Lund include Group A & C, mainround II, and placement matches. There is a link for buying tickets here from the official web page. You can also check out the Fan Zone at Mejeriet, entrance is free and there’s food, music and entertainment. You can find details here (scroll for English at the bottom) and the program is here.

General Information Meeting

11 Jan

This one’s for the new guys

A General Information Meeting is taking place tomorrow, in two sessions (10:30-12:00 or 14:00 -15:30, pick the one that fits your schedule best!). There will also be an Information Market open from 10-17 (approximately).

The Meeting presents necessary information for the stay in Lund. The Market is an occasion to meet-and-greet with Nations and other student organizations and services (The Dynamo will be there!).

It’s all taking place at the KĂ„rhuset, which is at John Ericssons vĂ€g 3. It’s on Google maps here, and it’s #94 on the university map.

Green bus number 6 goes by it, or you can try finding a nearby stop more convenient for you using the SkĂ„netrafiken travel planner here. If you’re planning on getting there with your own means, you can find a great map with all the cycling/walking paths in and around Lund here.

Crackdown on bikers?

9 Oct

Big fines for breaking cycling laws


Don't give them the chance to come after you... (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license - Bengt Nyman)


Rumour has it that some international students have been caught by police recently and had to pay the price: one was apparently fined 1000 SEK for not having any bike lights, and another a similar amount for riding down a pedestrian-only passage…

You can check out required safety features here (Google translated).

Watch out, the heat is on! 😀

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