Karneval Music Schedule

11 May

Lend them your ears

Two major venues for musical guests during carnival will be the Dansen, a dance-club experience taking place all three evenings inside the AF castle, and the main stage, a large outdoor scene set up in Lundagård that will host afternoon and evening shows.

Find the schedule here…

Dansen Main Stage
Friday May 21st

Name The Pet (read our Spotlight)

Nottee (read our Spotlight)

Friday May 21st

Hästpojken (Indie pop) 16:45

M.A. Numminen (read our Spotlight) 18:30

Rufus Wainwright (World-renowned “baroque pop” singer-songwriter) 20:15

Amanda Jenssen (Rock-pop-jazz singing Idol and bombshell) 23:00

Saturday May 22nd

The Housewives (read our Spotlight)

Jezebel Soundsystem Feat. Jade Jagger & Dan Williams (mega fashion-electronic music concept party)

Saturday May 22nd

Edith Backlund (Alternative indie rock) 17:15

Retro Stefson (read our Spotlight) 19:00

Simone Moreno (Swedish-Brazilian samba/jazz) 20:45

Salem al Fakir (Soul-pop sensation) 22:45

Sunday May 23rd

Maskinen (Electro/Hip Hop/Baile Funk)

Stupit Amerikinz (Hip Hop)

Sunday May 23rd

Gaby and the Guns (read our Spotlight) 16:10

Lisa Lövbrand (Sweet and lovely jazz) 17:40

Pauline (R&B singer and Melodifestivalen contestant) 19:20

Michael Jackson Tribute (with #1 imitator Navi) 20:50

Leningrad Cowboys (Finnish hard rock with funny hair) 23:00

Tickets for dansen cost extra, but the outdoor shows are included in the general admission ticket. To see if places for the dance and other carnival shows are still available, check out the online ticket sale or find one of the booths soon to be set up downtown.

We’ll do our best to update you on any changes, keep checking The Dynamo!

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