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Karneval traditions – Karnevöl

10 May

The beer is out!

The 2010 Lundakarnevalen beer is available at Systembolaget stores for 10 SEK a can.

Carnival beer (Karneval + öl = karnevöl!) is an important source of revenue for the event.

See the can here, become a fan here, or better yet, go out and buy it there.

Fashion show

7 May

Karneval on the runway

CC - mandiberg

On May 11, fashion and carnival lovers will have a chance to sneak a peak at Carnival merchandise.

Products include t-shirts, sweatshirts, ties, underwear, flasks, mugs, glasses, famous garbage cans, and lots more.

Food and drinks will be sold at reportedly reasonable prices.

More info here.

Photo used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Artists wanted

6 May

Feeling inspired?

This Sunday (May 9), all artistically inclined persons are invited to Café Athén, in the AF building, from noon to 5pm.

There you can take part in Målardag (Painting-Colouring Day), a Lundakarnevalen tradition since 1884. The works created will be exposed in the AF Foyer during carnival, and later auctioned off.

Paint, brushes and canvases will be provided. Participants must bring their own paint clothes and loads of creativity.

More info here.

Karneval tix update

6 May

Online sale has begun

It is now possible to purchase tickets to carnival shows and events, as well as general entry passes online. The site is in Swedish only, so if your Scandinavian language skills are limited (as the site is protected, Google translate will only get you so far), you may want to visit the booth inside the AF building instead (see more info here).

© Verena Knaust

No need to wait in line, you can now buy online.

Carnival tix update

27 Apr

Now on sale at AF


© Verena Knaust

Lundakarnevalen tickets will be sold at the AF castle until May 10. A booth will be set up in front of the Studentinfo shop (Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm).

Though some events and show times were sold out during the official sale weekend April 24-25, it is still possible to pick up tickets to many big events, as well as general access passes and multiple-entry packages for smaller activities.

An internet ticket sale should also be launched shortly.

Later in May kiosks will be installed in central locations all around the downtown area.

(With info from http://www.lundakarnevalen.se/biljettforsaljningen-fortsatter-pa-af-borgen/1722.)

Valborg update

26 Apr

Official Carnival sillafrukost location

On April 30th, from 10 to 12:30, Lundakarnevalen volunteers will take over Krafts Torg, the little street/public space behind the Cathedral. There they will eat, drink (traditionally, a marinated herring and snaps breakfast is consumed), and be merry to the year’s maritime theme – expect funny/sexy/strange sailor outfits. The event in BYO-everything: some chairs and tables will be provided, but only in limited numbers. Those wishing to partake should consider bringing their own picnic stuff.

More info (Swedish only): http://www.lundakarnevalen.se/sillafrukost-siste-april/1506

Karneval ticket sale weekend

25 Apr

Picked up your tix?

© Verena Knaust

Beings of all kinds waited in line to get to best tickets for the 2010 carnival.

Carnival tickets were on sale at the AF castle over the weekend! Some events were sold out quickly, such as the Saturday night dance party featuring the DJs of Jezebel Sound System and evening representations of the most popular shows, but there are still tickets for many other happenings. For those who missed the official sale days, we’ll update you on other ticket-buying options in the future!

More Lundagård pictures?

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13 Apr

Serious partying for Siste april

by Ariane Senécal

© Sergio Silva

© Sergio Silva

Valborg 2007 – will the fiesta this year be cooler, calmer or just colder?

On April 30th, Lund’s City park (Stadsparken) will be invaded by thousands of students ready to welcome the spring with a long day of partying in public.

This annual gathering has been toned down since 2009, after festivities were judged to have gotten out of hand, but it remains one of the most anticipated dates of the Lund student calendar.

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Karneval 2010

13 Apr

Carnival tickets on sale in April

by Ariane Senécal

© Anika Lindtner
It’s karneval time, and he knows it.

Tickets to 2010
Lundakarnevalen shows will be released to the public April 24-25, from 12:00 to 17:00, at the AF building. Expect queues (this is Sweden!) but also entertainment while-you-wait (this is Karneval!).

From May 21st to 23rd, Lund will transform into a wild, wacky Carnival city. This fully student-run event, taking place only every four years, means non-stop fun and entertainment, including many shows and parties, with dance, music, comedy, circus, cabaret, Spex (musical comedy), beer tents for the grown-ups and even some things for the kiddies.

Tickets for most of these events go on sale April 24 and 25. Prices vary between 60 SEK for film screenings and 200 SEK for dances.

Early bird gets the ticket

“80% of tickets get sold before carnival begins,” explains Fredrik Swahn, Ticket Manager (biljettchef) for the 2010 Karneval. He advises to come buy tickets during the official release to be sure to get in to the most popular shows.

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Swedish-English Mini-dictionary

13 Apr

Singing along

The 2010 Carnival theme song has been released (listen to it here: http://www.lundakarnevalen.se/karnevalsmelodin/277).

© Lundakarnevalen - Used with permission

Here are a few verses, in Swedish then English:

Släpp dina böcker, bekymmer och tvång.

Glöm bort all stress och ångest och stäm upp i sång.

Du har fått längta en olympiad,

på stunden då livet på nytt vänder blad.

(But what does it all mean?) Continue reading

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