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Arriving in Lund

17 Aug

The get-to-it list

Finally arrived in town? Don’t just sit there, there’s stuff to be done! Here are a few suggestions and reminders, in no particular order!

Don't miss the General Information Market - on today!

1 – Find a place to live: The first concern is finding a place to stay.  Most international students already made arrangement with International Housing.  If not, there is AFB who owns many buildings in Lund for students – don’t forget to join Studentlund if you live in one of their flats/rooms.  There are always some ads around town or on Blocket for renting a place.  Worse to worse, there is a hostel or you can use CouchSurfing! Or check out the Temporary housing for exchange students group…

2 – Get a bike: Being in Lund without a bike is like being in Texas without a car.  The student shop Lundaböcker sells bikes from past international students at fair prices and the best thing is you can resell it once you leave.  Before buying a bike, check if everything is working, most importantly the brakes!

3 – Meet your neighbours: Knock on a different door every day and offer them food – it never fails!

4 – Participate in the arrival weeks: Some folks are working hard to organize activities to make you feel welcome in Lund so participate!  It is a good way to meet people right upon your arrival. There are city tours and excursions to discover the region.  There is also a fair the day after arrival day (the General Information Market) which is usually a crazy but good way to know possibilities where to get involved.

5 – Learn Swedish: Take advantages of Café Multilingua or language partner programs (like Tandem).  Folkuniversitet, a sort of university open to everyone, also offers Swedish classes although it costs money.

6 – Participate in a mentor group: As an international student, you will likely be assigned to a mentor group.  Those are small groups of new students mixed with older students who have the task of introducing you to Lund.  If you do not hear anything about a mentor group, you can ask to be in one (check here). Or just join any group: mentor groups are not restricted as for number of members and really, everyone can join their activities.  Some mentor groups are more active than others so don’t hesitate to check all the groups’ activities.

7 – Get around town: Do not only hang out around your residence!  Lund has many natural sites, shopping areas, cafes and bike routes all over town for you to discover.

8 – Enjoy the nice weather while its time: Go out, BBQ with your corridor mates, go to Lomma by bike, Ven by boat and walk in Stenhuvud in the Western part of Skåne.

9 – Join a nation: Nations are the heartbeat of Lund student’s life.  There are 13 nations, all with a rich history.  When you are a member of one nation, you have access to the other nations’ activities.  Choosing your nation can be fun: visit them all in the first weeks and then decide which one you are the most confortable in. It is often possible to volunteer at nations to help them cook or bartend.  Most nations organize new student activities and will also have their own mentor groups.

10 – Know what’s going on and get involved: Many things are organized for students in Lund: comedy clubs, theatre, special events or special meals at nations…  Keep yourself informed: checking the nations’ websites or StudentLund is a good start. You can also check out this article at Sweden.se for ideas and reminders to help you get settled. And don’t forget to keep reading The Dynamo! 😀

Degree Exhibition Industrial Design LTH 2011

15 Jun

The style, form and function of tomorrow, today!

If you are curious to see what the design (and designers) of the future look like, take the chance to go to the Exhibition of the Graduates from the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in Industrial Design.

Degree projects will be exhibited from June 16 to June 23 at Stora Södergatan 6 (the old Hemköp, near Stortorget). The vernissage will take place  at 5 pm on June 16. For more details, check the School of Industrial Design’s official website – you can even print yourself an official invitation.

Opening hours will vary as follows: June 17, 12:00 – 19:00; June 18, 10:00 – 16:00; June 19, 12:00 – 18:00; June 20-22, 12:00 – 19:00; June 23, 10:00 – 13:00.

Shanghai Photo Exhibit

8 May

China’s Metropolis through Russian Eyes

The LU Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies and the Lund Association for Foreign Affairs (UPF) present “Shanghai Trans-Siberia”, an exhibit by two young Russian photographers, Lena Kilina and Katya Knyazeva, which is taking place at Café Ariman tomorrow Monday, May 9, at 7pm.

The official description goes as follows: Continue reading

Holiday break ideas

21 Dec

This ought to keep you busy!

It's too cold to just stand around and do nothing. Take some of the activity suggestions below! Picture © Antti Hussi.

Thanks to Smålands’ International Secretariat for passing along these suggestions – and now we pass them on to you!

“Are you in Lund and bored over the holidays?? We’ve got some ideas/suggestions/inspiration for you!!!

—Drink warm glögg with raisins and almonds and eat gingersnaps (pepparkakor) like a true Swede!!
—Watch Donald Duck (Kalle Anka) on Christmas Eve at 3pm like most families in Sweden. Here’s an article in English about it.
—Check out upcoming concerts at Mejeriet (by Stadsparken). Monday Swing on the 27th!
—Go see the exhibition at Lund’s art museum – it’s free!
Have a cup of warm cocoa at a cute little cafe… we recommend Ariman by Domkyrkan.

—See an exhibition on Mexican public art at the Museum of Sketches – bring your student card and it’s free!
—Donate to a charity — UNICEF, WWF, Amnesty, etc.
—See a concert at Klosterkyrkan on Christmas Eve – ticket sales benefit the homeless. 100kr. Presale tickets available at Old Bull Pub.
—On Christmas you can go around saying “God jul” (goad yule) to everyone!
—If you’ve got money to blow then go all out and do the “Julbord” at Carlssons Trädgård (by Mårtenstorg). 495kr. Crazy amounts of food (no idea how much is vegetarian/vegan), traditional Swedish favorites are more modern options.
—Free concert on Christmas Day at City Hall (Stadshallen on Stor Torg). Starts at 12 but be sure to come early because it’s quite popular!
—Organ concert on Christmas Day at Allhelgonakyrkan at 1pm. Address: Bredgatan 34
—Midnight mass at Allhelgonakyrkan on Bredgatan 34. Starts at 11:30pm
—On New Years people will set off fireworks. Either join in the fun or go up to a high point (Dackegården??? St. Hans backe???) and watch them.
New Years Eve party at Mejeriet (by Stadsparken). 120kr.”

If you have some ideas of your own, don’t be shy – share them with us. The more, the merrier!

Student Theater in English

15 Nov

Meeting tomorrow Tuesday

Rehearsal for last semester's Elizabeth. Photo © Nick Cadle.

Following two very successful productions last year (The Importance of Being Earnest and Elizabeth), the Lunds studentteater is considering putting on another English-language play next semester.

No official decision has yet been made – this week’s meeting is to evaluate the interest, throw around some ideas and get motivated to launch a new project. It will take place at Café Athen (inside the AF building) at 6pm tomorrow, November 16.

The more people show up, the better the chances that this can become a reality! The Facebook event can be found here.

All are welcome, no experience is necessary. And not just actors are needed, of course – all the production aspects will need volunteers too!

You can check out a behind-the-scenes look at last semester’s Elizabeth here.

Kulturkalaset 2010

24 Sep

Tomorrow is Culture Festival time in Lund!

Discover places you thought you knew in a new light... Photo © James Ho

From morning until night all over town, Lund livens up with public spaces welcoming visitors, shops open late, spontaneous concerts, edible goodies, art displays, and most everything at no charge – it’s a great time to discover some of Lund’s hidden treasures!

You can find more about the event on the official page (Google translated). The program is in Swedish only, but don’t let that intimidate you: follow the map, check the time, and see what’s there! Note some events are quite popular and may mean line-ups.

Some university institutes are participating, such as the Institute for Cultural Science (program in Swedish, Facebook page here), the Geocentrum, the Historical Museum, the Astronomy House (public lecture on life potential on other planets, in English, at 21:15), the Biology Institute, the Physics Institute…  Find out whether your department is up to anything!

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

23 Sep

FFF Kicks Off Today!!

Text and photo by Umut Hanioğlu

What better fun than catching a movie with friends, like these guys?

The Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, which premieres tonight at 21:00 with Scott Pilgrim vs The World at the Kino, will run until October 2.

The FFF offers a mix of new and not-so-new science fiction, fantasy and horror films, one of which will surely attract your attention. This year the festival hosts recent audience pleasers such as the UK hit Shaun of the Dead and The Illusionist.

You can also see a number of new features by acclaimed directors in the horror/fantasy genre, such as Faye Jackson’s debut feature Strogoi, a story based on the vampire folklore of Romanian village life. For the hardcore science fiction fan, I recommend Stranger in a Strange Land, a film based on writer Robert Heinlein’s lenghty book of the same name.

The films are taking place at the Kino and Södran as well as at the Stadshallen. Tickets are 75 SEK (100 SEK for 3D movies), but an additional 40 SEK membership is first required – there are also multi-movie packages (details here).

For more info, check out the official website (parts in English) or check around town and grab a booklet!!

A night at the movies is classic good fun.

Hälsingsgille, Autumn 2010

3 Sep

You came, you saw, you picked up the free stuff?

Want to make some noise? You could join one of the student marching bands!

If you didn’t, you’ll have to wait til next semester for another chance!

Mark Wong was there: “Today was the day where all students, Swedish and International, came to the AF Building to check out the clubs and nations before they join any of them.  The fair started at noon time and AF Building was so packed then that I had to come back later around 2pm for a chance to step inside and see what all the fuss was about.  There were also some organizations setting up shop outside too in addition to the first two floors of AF Building.”

More pictures here! Continue reading

Student art

2 Sep

All strung up in LTH park

Check out the pictures and article here (Google translated from Sydsvenskan)!

Malmöfestivalen 2010

25 Aug

Keep on rocking in the free… concerts

Band of Horses (USA) on the Malmöfestivalen stage.

Malmöfestival is going strong all week, with lots of concerts and activities that won’t cost you a krona.

Mark Wong, who went to check out Band of Horses reports, “The festival site I went to was close to Malmö Central station and you could hear the loud music from there.  It was a very windy and cold day but that did not stop throngs of rock music fans from swarming the main square of the city.  The festival will continue until the 27th of  August so make sure you visit Malmö!”

More pictures here! Continue reading

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