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Holiday weekend

2 Jun

Have a good one!

This year, the Christian holiday Ascension Day (Kristi himmelsfärds dag) falls on June 2 and combines with the National Day of Sweden (Sveriges nationaldag) on June 6 to give a mega-holiday weekend,thanks to the Swedish habit of making any day in between holidays or weekends a klämdag (squeeze day) or unofficial holiday!

June 2 and 6 are two official helgdagar (“red days” (röd dagar) or “bank holidays”) , which means banks and many other businesses and services close up shop, including possibly over the squeeze days – double-check if you’re making any plans to go anywhere!

The best plan may just be to enjoy the early summer days and leave shopping to next week. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

Lund University on Chinese-language TV

8 Jan

Half-hour feature on LU!

Lund University is trying to woo international students in new ways now that tuition fees will be charged. Will videos like this one (in Chinese, but with English subtitles) help them in their campaign?

The NTDTV-produced feature, the first of a show called “The Education World”, shows some sights of Lund (mostly before the snow fall!) and includes interviews with some Chinese-speaking LU students. Maybe you’ll recognize a classmate? 🙂

Sankta Lucia

22 Nov

Domkyrka concert tickets go on sale

We’ll present more info in the coming weeks, but for now we just have to let you know that if you’re wanting to check out the Lucia concerts in the cathedral, tickets go on sale tomorrow morning – and they usually sell out!

They will be sold at Arken, the religious bookstore near the Domkyrka (and next to the construction site to the new welcome center). Prices range between 100 SEK and 180 SEK depending on seating area (no student price as far as we understand).

There are shows Saturday December 11 at 4:30pm and 6:30pm, as well as Sunday the 12th at 3:30pm and 6:30pm. The early Sunday show is the family concert, with tickets ranging from 60 SEK (for under 16s) to 140 SEK.

There will be Lucia apparitions all over town so if you can’t make these or if it’s not within your budget, there are options! However if you can make it, it should be a beautiful show.

Here’s a look at what it’s like (more or less):

‘Master Your Idea’ Challenge 2010

19 Nov

Win free tuition to LU

If you’re thinking of becoming a student at Lund University, or if you know someone back home who is, might want to check this out: a chance to win a tuition waiver and guaranteed place on the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship for 2011.

The contest is open to students from across the world. The task is simply (!) to pitch a million dollar idea and how it could be commercialised.

The competition is being run by Lund University’s Master’s Programme in Entrepreneurship. Full details can be found on this website.

The competition closes December 21, 2010. Details can also be found here in the Master Your Idea Challenge 2010 official announcement.

Tuition fees will be charged to non-EU international students as of autumn 2011 – read more here, or, here, or in our latest issue

Arrival Day on Sydsvenskan Webb-TV

19 Aug

Video report on biggest ever Arrival Day!

Were you there?

Then maybe you’re in here, among the record number of arrival students, or as one of the mighty mentors? 🙂

Hälsningsgille Autumn 2010

12 Aug

Free stuff and lots more

Mostly aimed at Swedish students, Hälsningsgille is a big fair where student and community organizations as well as businesses like banks and gyms all come out to woo as many students as possible to their cause.

It’s usually jam-packed with kiosks and people – arriving early is not a bad idea, expect line-ups (this is Sweden – get used to always expecting line-ups). You can get your fill of free pens, free passes, and it’s a great occasion to meet-and-greet with like-minded people and to get to know what’s out there. This fall, it’s happening as always in the ball room of the AF castle, on September 3rd.

More info (Google translated) here.

Millenium, American version

3 Aug

Everyone might know this already, but we just learned  Daniel Craig of 007 fame will be playing journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the much buzzed about, upcoming (not even yet filming!) English-language adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy. Remains to see who will get to play anti-heroine Lisbeth Salander…

For those who know enough Swedish or can find a dubbed/subtitled version in their language, the three Swedish movies of the books have all been released. Here’s the preview to the first – warning, it’s dark stuff!

Royal Wedding

19 Jun

Crown Princess Victoria is married

Photo by Bengt Nyman - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

For almost a year now Sweden has been buzzing with the lead-up to the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria, next in line for the Swedish throne, and Daniel Westling, a Stockholm gym owner.

If lavish royal displays are your thing, you can check out exclusive pictures from the official Royal website. Continue reading

Karneval tåget videos

27 May

Missed the train?

Here’s another chance to try and understand the jokes:

Karneval 2010 Music

11 May

May you hear the music

by Florina Vilciu and Ariane Senécal

Many hot artists, emerging and experienced, will head to Lund during Carnival. The Dynamo caught up with some of them prior to their arrival; find out what they had to say when under our spotlight!

© Image courtesy of The Housewives

Continue reading

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