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Arrival in Lund

13 Aug

The Don’t Forget list

Sweden is pretty, but often wet - pack accordingly! Photo© Jacob Ehnmark.

Planning your arrival? The Dynamo is starting to think about the upcoming semester as well! This is mostly for the new folks, but even if you’ve been here a year already, there is a chance you’ll leave something out of your bags you’ll regret not having with you. Here are a few suggestions and reminders, in no particular order!

1 – Credit/Debit card with PIN/Cash: As it might take some time to open a Swedish account or you might decide to skip it altogether, make sure there is a PIN and chip on your electronic cards. Like everywhere in Europe, there are ATMs/bank machines everywhere in Sweden, and most shoppers use their card rather than cash. If you can bring different cards with different pins (like have one debit, one credit, etc.) as it is pretty arbitrary what will work in what machine! Don’t give up if one doesn’t work, keep trying. You might want to warn your home bank you will travel so they don’t block your cards… Not a bad idea to get 500 SEK in cash ahead of time from an exchange office if you can. If you’re planning on getting some from Kastrup airport, be careful not to get Danish crowns, they won’t do you much good in Sweden!!

2 – Small tools: A small screwdriver, some bike tire patches, a sewing kit, duct tape, poster gum – prepare for a DIY experience with limited resources. Bike locks are a good idea, you’ll need one and they’re expensive in Sweden.

3 – Camping mat/Sleeping bag/Towel: You might want to travel, or you might just be stuck without a place to live when you first arrive… If you are going to sleep at someone else, it’s a nice gesture to be a bit auto-sufficient. You can at least bring a pillow cover you can stuff with clothes to make a pillow. They will sell bed stuffs at Arrival Day, but it’s cheaper if you bring your own from home if you have room! As for the towel, fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will get this, but even non-sci-fi geeks will want to wash soon after arriving. If you like special shampoos/face soap etc., bring them too. You’ll probably find them here, but they’ll likely be more expensive than back home (you see this expensive pattern forming?). ūüôā

4 – Letter of Acceptance (and extra copies): This is for the newcomers. It is ridiculous the number of times and places you will have to show this piece of paper. Carry it with you at all times until you get a student card.

5 – Rain/Wind gear: The end of the summer is particularly wet and cold this year, but then again it is often rainy and windy year-round down here in any case. As the Scandinavian saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! Consider a backpack rain cover and rain boots/Wellingtons too. And if the upcoming winter is to be like the last, consider a waterproof winter jacket if you have room, or at least a fleece to wear under a rain jacket. And gloves because it gets cold when you bike… But then you might need shorts too – crazy Swedish weather!

6 –¬†Copies of your passport/national ID: Can never be too careful. And don’t put them in the same bag as your originals.

7 –¬†Food and kitchen utensils from home: You won’t be able to bring groceries for the whole semester, but there is maybe something small (herbs/spices, maple syrup, dried mushrooms, etc.) that you’re able to squeeze in. More importantly, there is maybe some kitchen tool you use all the time they might not use so much in Sweden (cheese cloths, Swiss Army knife, spork, rice cooker, etc.). Do a quick web research to have an idea if the things you like and need are easy to find in Sweden. Don’t forget Malm√∂ has more international products than Lund.

8 – Plug adapter: Depending where you come from, you might need an adapter to plug your electronics in the wall. Make sure they can work on 230V!

9 – Dress clothes/costumes: You can go out wearing pretty much what you like in Lund, especially at nations, but there are some occasions where Swedes REALLY dress up (like, penguin suits). If you think you’d like to go to a ball or fancy dinner at some point, bring what you’ll need to wear – clothes are (also) expensive in Sweden. Lund students really like themed and costume parties, so if you have some fun accessories that don’t weigh too much, think of bringing them.

10 –¬†Sports gear: Swedes are active people. If you’re into sports, bring your personal equipment (shoes, racquets, etc.).

11 –¬†Poster/decorations from home: It’s really depressing living with all white walls. It’s good to put a personal touch, plus it’s nicer when you invite friends over. Remember, you are coming to a land of style and design.

12 – Alcohol from home: If you drink, try and save some room in your luggage for the stuff you like to drink. Alcohol is expensive (as are most things) in Sweden, especially hard liquor. It probably won’t last long with the start-of-the-semester parties, but it can save a bit of money and maybe you can make new friends by making them taste a specialty from your home country. Don’t forget to check the allowed import limits if you come from outside the E.U.

13 – Games/Movies/Musical instruments: There will be long dark rainy nights when you won’t have the energy to drag yourself out of the corridor. Not a bad idea to bring things to stay entertained.

14 –¬†Mobile phone charger: Obvious, but you’ll be using your phone quite a lot, and it’s the kind of thing you can easily leave plugged in the wall of your room back home when you’re stressed out before you leave! ūüėõ Check if your phone will work with a Swedish SIM card.

15 –¬†Do some research: It might give you ideas of other things you need to back, or just help you know what to expect and mentally prepare! Reading up what’s up here at The Dynamo will give you ideas, but maybe stuff like this article from The Local can inspire you too! For some one-on-one advice and to make friends already, join some social networks – on Facebook, check out these groups: International Students Lund University, Erasmus Exchange Lund (Sweden) 2011/2012, ESN Lund, etc. Check if your program or faculty has a group or page, too!

Of course, you can buy pretty much anything you’ll need somehow, but it’s best if you can avoid unnecessary expenses! If you do have to buy stuff, you should start with second-hand shops if you’re on a budget – you can find a list here. Welcome (back) to Lund everyone!

Degree Exhibition Industrial Design LTH 2011

15 Jun

The style, form and function of tomorrow, today!

If you are curious to see what the design (and designers) of the future look like, take the chance to go to the Exhibition of the Graduates from the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in Industrial Design.

Degree projects will be exhibited from June 16 to June 23 at Stora S√∂dergatan 6 (the old Hemk√∂p, near Stortorget). The vernissage will take place¬† at 5 pm on June 16. For more details, check the School of Industrial Design’s official website – you can even print yourself an official invitation.

Opening hours will vary as follows: June 17, 12:00 – 19:00; June 18, 10:00 – 16:00; June 19, 12:00 – 18:00; June 20-22, 12:00 – 19:00; June 23, 10:00 – 13:00.

Small charity market for Japan

20 May

Shop and help!

Lund’s Japanese exchange students are continuing their efforts to raise money and awareness for the tragic events which occured in Japan this spring. This Saturday, they will be present at the S√∂dra Esplanaden flea market (near Parentesen) to sell unique sweets and goods.

Photo: Natto Kun

The students will be selling hoso-maki, a sort of Japanese Sushi, some Japanese/Swedish sweets and second-hand items as well. You can also find A4 size (or bigger) pieces of beautiful Kimono textures, lovely Japanese cultural goods. Directly and authentically from Japan!
All the money from the charity market will go to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of the earthquake and tunami.

You can find more information on Facebook here.

(Thanks to Mark Wong for sharing the info!)

Swedish students arriving in Lund

25 Aug

Expect, well, anything and everything

© Megan Grindlay - Lund students celebrating the new semester, with beer, pirate hats and pink men's underwear, of course.

Lund student culture can be quite particular, and the beginning of the new semester is a good time to observe it in action – and perhaps join in?

Themes and costumes, rowdy singing, beer, partial (to varying degrees) nudity, and much more, will be visible in the streets of Lund in the coming weeks. Keep your cameras ready!

Malmöfestivalen begins today

19 Aug

Free week-long happenings a short bus/train ride away

There will be lots of day and night-time entertainment over the weekend and in the days that follow – you can find the PDF program (in English! :D) here.

There is a bit more information in English on their snazzy website.

For travel to Malm√∂, there’s some transport info in the ‘New to Lund‘ page.

Hälsningsgille Autumn 2010

12 Aug

Free stuff and lots more

Mostly aimed at Swedish students, Hälsningsgille is a big fair where student and community organizations as well as businesses like banks and gyms all come out to woo as many students as possible to their cause.

It’s usually jam-packed with kiosks and people – arriving early is not a bad idea, expect line-ups (this is Sweden – get used to always expecting line-ups). You can get your fill of free pens, free passes, and it’s a great occasion to meet-and-greet with like-minded people and to get to know what’s out there. This fall, it’s happening as always in the ball room of the AF castle, on September 3rd.

More info (Google translated) here.

Midsommar 2010

25 Jun

Summer is officially here

This year, June 25th marks Midsommar (midsummer in English), a not-to-miss highlight of the Swedish summer. It is a celebration of fertility, light and life, when flowers bloom, vegetables grow, couples form, and days are long…

The Swedish Institute has a nice and complete explanation with pictures, and there’s a bit more of a fish-out-of-water (and into the pickle jar!) view on things on this blog. This is the holiday Sweden is famous for, with traditional costumes, typical foods, stiff drinks, energetic dances, loud songs…

It has often been the source of stereotypes on Swedish celebrations – for one example, check out Ikea Germany’s parody of the festivities. Note not everyone thought it was funny, and it even got banned, so it’s not to everyone’s taste!

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Post-karneval merchandise sale

30 May

If you’d wanted some Lundakarnevalen souvenirs but didn’t get a chance to pick¬†them up¬†during the actual event,¬†you’ll get¬†another opportunity in a post-carnival sale Monday and Tuesday¬†(May¬†31 and June 1) from 3pm to 8pm¬†in Caf√© Athen, in the AF building.

Were they selling giant beer-can waste bins for Karneval 1900?

Some items/sizes are sold out but you can still pick up momentoes of various types, from women’s underwear to sweatshirts, glasses, posters, and the famous papperskorg (garbage cans).

Karneval tåget videos

27 May

Missed the train?

Here’s another chance to try and understand the jokes:

R√§tt och Fel KarnevEl 2010

21 May

It begins

After months of preparations, Lundakarnevalen opens officially today, Friday May 21, at noon (check out the schedule).

The carnival area stretches throughout Lundag√•rd and even up to Paradisgatan (Barneval kids area). Maps of the whole surface are available from the information/ticket booths (we’re looking for an online version, all we got so far is this official online live map, this or this).

Quick run through of the Official map and how it works…

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