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Dynamo February 2011 Meeting

25 Feb

This afternoon!

Calling all volunteers, new and old! Join us today Friday, February 25, at 4:30pm (16:30, no academic quarter or anything of the sort!) in the study area near Café Athen, inside the AF building.

So we're not the Times - still, who knows what you might get to cover?

If you like to write, take pictures, bike around, get creative, meet people, discover things and share what you know, The Dynamo wants you! No experience necessary – just enthusiasm!

Look for Dynamo copies on the table and people not talking Swedish! 😉 Whether you’ve already participated and want to continue doing so, or whether you just want to find out a little more, everyone is welcome!

If you get the chance, e-mail us at lund.dynamo@gmail.com so we can try and save you a chair!

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