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Holiday break ideas

21 Dec

This ought to keep you busy!

It's too cold to just stand around and do nothing. Take some of the activity suggestions below! Picture © Antti Hussi.

Thanks to Smålands’ International Secretariat for passing along these suggestions – and now we pass them on to you!

“Are you in Lund and bored over the holidays?? We’ve got some ideas/suggestions/inspiration for you!!!

—Drink warm glögg with raisins and almonds and eat gingersnaps (pepparkakor) like a true Swede!!
—Watch Donald Duck (Kalle Anka) on Christmas Eve at 3pm like most families in Sweden. Here’s an article in English about it.
—Check out upcoming concerts at Mejeriet (by Stadsparken). Monday Swing on the 27th!
—Go see the exhibition at Lund’s art museum – it’s free!
Have a cup of warm cocoa at a cute little cafe… we recommend Ariman by Domkyrkan.

—See an exhibition on Mexican public art at the Museum of Sketches – bring your student card and it’s free!
—Donate to a charity — UNICEF, WWF, Amnesty, etc.
—See a concert at Klosterkyrkan on Christmas Eve – ticket sales benefit the homeless. 100kr. Presale tickets available at Old Bull Pub.
—On Christmas you can go around saying “God jul” (goad yule) to everyone!
—If you’ve got money to blow then go all out and do the “Julbord” at Carlssons Trädgård (by Mårtenstorg). 495kr. Crazy amounts of food (no idea how much is vegetarian/vegan), traditional Swedish favorites are more modern options.
—Free concert on Christmas Day at City Hall (Stadshallen on Stor Torg). Starts at 12 but be sure to come early because it’s quite popular!
—Organ concert on Christmas Day at Allhelgonakyrkan at 1pm. Address: Bredgatan 34
—Midnight mass at Allhelgonakyrkan on Bredgatan 34. Starts at 11:30pm
—On New Years people will set off fireworks. Either join in the fun or go up to a high point (Dackegården??? St. Hans backe???) and watch them.
New Years Eve party at Mejeriet (by Stadsparken). 120kr.”

If you have some ideas of your own, don’t be shy – share them with us. The more, the merrier!

November-December 2010 Edition

30 Nov

New Dynamo issue now out!

The hard work of our volunteers pays off once again! Read all about it! News, info, music, travel…

Look for copies around town or download the PDF here!

All Saints’ Day

5 Nov

Remembering those gone before

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Alla helgons dag (see our post here). Whether you feel like celebrating the holiday or not, you might still want to note that some shops will likely have reduced hours (or simply be closed!) this afternoon and all day tomorrow.

If you do want to mark the occasion however, here is another spot you might want to visit, as suggested by The Dynamo‘s James Ho. Even if you have already been to the Cathedral, this might be a proper time to go down to where some are resting for all time…

Lesser-known Lund

“The basement or the underground compartment of a building always keep a mysterious side of itself. This is one of the first things I did when I was there at the church – to visit the crypt. Besides tombs and the specially designed pillars, this is one of the corners that actually caught my attention. It does not have too many extraordinary elements but it is the pure simplicity of light pouring into the otherwise dark basement, which won my second look.”

‘Lesser-known Lund’ text and photo by James Ho. Find more hidden spots in our October issue!

All Saints’ Day

31 Oct

Day for the Dead

Though they share common origins, as much as modern Halloween celebrations might be about flashy decorations, candy and sexy cat/nurse/Frankenstein/etc. outfits, Alla helgons dag (All Saints’ Day) in Sweden remains a sober affair, a day for remembering and honouring the departed.

Sweden.se has a post about the holiday here, explaining a little of the history and traditions. This year, this Christian holiday falls on Saturday, November 6. It is an official Swedish public holiday, or ‘red day’, and it’s quite possible you’ll see shops closing up from around noon the day before (check this link for probable opening times – Google translated).

If you don’t mind music that makes you reflect on mortality, there will be a choir concert on the evening of November 5 entitled ‘Death in Lund‘ (Google translated link) that promises to be ‘diverse and evocative’.

International students may not find graves of loved ones here in Lund where to light a candle, but here is a suggestion from The Dynamo‘s own Lydia Cardinal, if you’d like to pause for a moment to think of those who have passed on...

Lesser-known Lund

Where: Norra kyrkogården (North Cemetery), Getingvägen

Why: This peaceful old place was commissioned back in the early 1800s and has a few headstones just as old. There are massive trees and wrought iron fences laced with ivy, and you can walk for hours without passing the same spot twice. There is a section in the northern corner of the cemetery dedicated to concentration camp prisoners from World War II with an incredible monument.

When: Now. Fall is in full swing and there is nothing like the colorful leaves of ancient trees falling next to you as you take a minute to nod to those who came before us.

Hours of Operation: 7.00-19.00

‘Lesser-known Lund’ text and photos by Lydia Cardinal. Find more hidden spots in our October issue!

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