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New Dynamo issue!

23 Apr

Read it today!

News, sports, theater, recipe, nutrition, comics, and even a sudoku! Read all this and more today in the newest issue of The Dynamo!

November-December 2010 Edition

30 Nov

New Dynamo issue now out!

The hard work of our volunteers pays off once again! Read all about it! News, info, music, travel…

Look for copies around town or download the PDF here!

New issue is out!

21 Oct

October Dynamo – soon all around Lund!

It’s here! The hot-of-the-press issue of The Dynamo is now out, thanks to the hard work and perseverance of an ever-growing team of volunteers and supporters!

Hard copies will be distributed in town, both on and off campus. If you’d like a sneak peak, you can find The Dynamo – Vol 2 Issue 4 right here in PDF form.

Making life in Lund easier

13 Apr

Best study places in Lund

Words by Florina Vilciu
Comments and photos collected by Anika Lindtner

As probably most of you felt, I was quite overwhelmed in the beginning by the number of university buildings scattered all around Lund. Getting to know each and every one of them is quite a feat, but we decided to have a look at their study conditions and answer some quite important questions for any student: where can I study best? or where can I work with my team?

Photos © Anika Lindtner

Carl-Johann (Sweden), cultural managements (B.A.)

“I sometimes work in the SOL library, where it is not to quiet and not to loud. But when I have serious stuff to and I have to keep a deadline, I’m doing it at home.”

AF Café Athen– For starters, let’s talk about the place everyone knows, in the heart of the city and right at Lund University’s core. This venue scores high on the design criterion and boasts a quite nice cafeteria, yet loses some points because of the high traffic, loud crowds and sometimes uncomfortable seating – fair trade-offs though. I would not recommend this to those who work best on their own and undisturbed.

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