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Last Sista April ever?

4 May

At least for Stadsparken?

Read on here in Sydsvenskan to see what’s being discussed following the record-breaking Valborg party-in-the-park last Saturday (article is Google translated, for those who have been skipping Swedish class…).

(One other solution would be to increase police presence? Read here, translated, yes.)

If it was indeed a historic and possibly ultimate happening, we’re especially happy to have these pictures shared by Dynamo volunteer Jane Dihn to commemorate the occasion!

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Valborg 2011 Preparations

29 Apr

Last day before Last of April

Lund is alive with spring fever on this Valborg eve. A few notes for a great day ahead!

 The Lund city website has general information about rules (you are not allowed to bring glass bottles or furniture in the park – this includes camping chairs; blankets are best, one-time barbecues are fine too) and the weekend’s events here (Radio AF will be there – note the unfortunately little noticed Facebook event claiming 100 years of Valborg parties in the park!).

For those planning a liquid lunch, note all Systembolaget stores in Lund will be closed tomorrow. (So expect queues today!) Opening hours for different stores can be found here.

In past years mobile communication in the park has proved somewhat difficult. So many people mean signals are not always good, and besides you can’t hear so well!  It’s a good idea for friends to meet up before entering the fray.

For those eager to start partying already, VGs and Hallands join forces tonight to bring you Kvalborg. Details in English – scroll down the  Facebook event description.

Sydsvenskan has a good overview of all the weekend’s happenings here and here (both articles Google translated of course!). Find a fire near you!

The weather is looking nice (but not so warm)! Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

© Anika Lindtner

Valborg 2011

28 Apr

“City park is waiting for the invasion”

Sounds serious, but it’s anything but – the Sydsvenskan article in question (Google translated here) is referring to Siste April happenings in Stadsparken. The Facebook event has over 17,000 guests at the time of writing.

April 30 is a special day in many places (although May 1 is the actual holiday), but particularly in Lund – a “spontaneous” gathering of students partying all day in the park is the standard. There are also bonfires in parks and on beaches.

© Sergio Silva

More details to come in the coming days!

New Dynamo issue!

23 Apr

Read it today!

News, sports, theater, recipe, nutrition, comics, and even a sudoku! Read all this and more today in the newest issue of The Dynamo!

Valborg wrap-up

4 May

Quieter, colder Valborg?

The weather did not cooperate all that much, but around 10 000 students and youth apparently still made it to the park in the morning and afternoon of April 30th. Stadsparken generally saw a lot of foot traffic that day, with families and people of all ages taking over for the traditional bonfire at the end of the long day.

© Anika Lindtner

A traditional Valborgsmässoafton fire on the night of April 30th.

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Moving pictures – Valborg

4 May

Song, music and flames

Neat video by Alexander Lang about the end of the Valborg day in Stadsparken – and the Fun Fair by the park…

Want to share your videos? lund.dynamo@gmail.com

Siste April in Stadsparken

29 Apr

Lunds Kommun’s Park Rules and Tips

The Municipality has laid down a few rules for Valborg celebrations in the City Park:

No glass bottles, furniture or bikes (park it outside); no barbecuing on the grass (fire hazard); no peeing just anywhere (there are portable toilets, see map below); no leaving garbage behind. The central fountain will be cordoned off, so swimming there is probably not the best idea. Safety patrols will circulate in the park.

Water will be offered for free near the Stadspark café from 10am to 3pm. Authorities expect over 15 000 people to head to the park on April 30th.

Info and map from http://www.lund.se/Tillbehor/Nyheter/Siste-april-och-valborg-i-Stadsparken/.

Lund University Male Voice Choir concerts

27 Apr

The celebrated Lunds Studentsångförening will hold a few free public concerts over the weekend.

On April 30th, they will sing out winter first in the hospital foyer at 16.15, then in Lundagård at 17.45. But their most famous concert takes place on Labour Day (May 1st). There is an official ceremony with the Dean of the University at 12:30, but the main event is at 18.15, on the stairs of the main University building (near the fountain in Lundagård). The annual event has been televised live for decades (TV4).

Preview of a traditional Valborg song:

(More info http://www.studentsangarna.nu/main, in Swedish only!)

Valborg Games update

27 Apr

The traditional Siste April competition between Nations will happen in Lundagård this year (not Stadsparken as we previously understood)!

This means rope pulls, cream pies, and lots of silly fun. April 30th at 10am. Cheer on your nation’s team!

Valborg Eve & Night

27 Apr

Nations’ parties begin early, continue late

Afraid that beginning celebrations early on April 30th will not be enough? Or that you won’t be quite fiesta-ed out after the day at Stadsparken? Neighbouring nations join forces to offer Siste April mega-parties.

Hallands and Västgöta have brought back Kvalborg on the evening of Thursday the 29th, while Sydskånska, Helsingkrona and Krischansta wrap it all up again this year with Tegelbruket on Friday night.

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