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Arriving in Lund

17 Aug

The get-to-it list

Finally arrived in town? Don’t just sit there, there’s stuff to be done! Here are a few suggestions and reminders, in no particular order!

Don't miss the General Information Market - on today!

1 – Find a place to live: The first concern is finding a place to stay.  Most international students already made arrangement with International Housing.  If not, there is AFB who owns many buildings in Lund for students – don’t forget to join Studentlund if you live in one of their flats/rooms.  There are always some ads around town or on Blocket for renting a place.  Worse to worse, there is a hostel or you can use CouchSurfing! Or check out the Temporary housing for exchange students group…

2 – Get a bike: Being in Lund without a bike is like being in Texas without a car.  The student shop Lundaböcker sells bikes from past international students at fair prices and the best thing is you can resell it once you leave.  Before buying a bike, check if everything is working, most importantly the brakes!

3 – Meet your neighbours: Knock on a different door every day and offer them food – it never fails!

4 – Participate in the arrival weeks: Some folks are working hard to organize activities to make you feel welcome in Lund so participate!  It is a good way to meet people right upon your arrival. There are city tours and excursions to discover the region.  There is also a fair the day after arrival day (the General Information Market) which is usually a crazy but good way to know possibilities where to get involved.

5 – Learn Swedish: Take advantages of Café Multilingua or language partner programs (like Tandem).  Folkuniversitet, a sort of university open to everyone, also offers Swedish classes although it costs money.

6 – Participate in a mentor group: As an international student, you will likely be assigned to a mentor group.  Those are small groups of new students mixed with older students who have the task of introducing you to Lund.  If you do not hear anything about a mentor group, you can ask to be in one (check here). Or just join any group: mentor groups are not restricted as for number of members and really, everyone can join their activities.  Some mentor groups are more active than others so don’t hesitate to check all the groups’ activities.

7 – Get around town: Do not only hang out around your residence!  Lund has many natural sites, shopping areas, cafes and bike routes all over town for you to discover.

8 – Enjoy the nice weather while its time: Go out, BBQ with your corridor mates, go to Lomma by bike, Ven by boat and walk in Stenhuvud in the Western part of Skåne.

9 – Join a nation: Nations are the heartbeat of Lund student’s life.  There are 13 nations, all with a rich history.  When you are a member of one nation, you have access to the other nations’ activities.  Choosing your nation can be fun: visit them all in the first weeks and then decide which one you are the most confortable in. It is often possible to volunteer at nations to help them cook or bartend.  Most nations organize new student activities and will also have their own mentor groups.

10 – Know what’s going on and get involved: Many things are organized for students in Lund: comedy clubs, theatre, special events or special meals at nations…  Keep yourself informed: checking the nations’ websites or StudentLund is a good start. You can also check out this article at Sweden.se for ideas and reminders to help you get settled. And don’t forget to keep reading The Dynamo! 😀

Theater review

2 May

A sneak peek!

Thinking of going to see The Prisoner of Second Avenue? The Dynamo‘s Nadine März and Linda Andersson were there tonight at the play’s premiere!

The Prisoner of Second Avenue is a very sad but at the same time entertaining play about a middle-aged couple in New York. Mel and Edna Edison are facing rough times, such as job loss and a nervous breakdown, and they do their best to get through them.

Even though the stage is simple and not a lot of props are used, the actors manage to make the story convincing, letting the audience directly into their living room. As a part of their life, the viewer is torn between laughing at the clever text and feeling sorry for them and their situation. Also everybody behind the stage did a good job bringing the play to life.

You should take the chance to see the play because it is a very moving story and you will not regret it. It is running every night at 7pm until Thursday at Månteatern.

Text and all photos: Nadine März and Linda Andersson

Theater Tix Contest

2 May

Winners laughing all the way to the theater!

Congrats to Jane, Maarja and Neenu, who correctly identified Neil Simon as the playwright of The Prisoner of Second Avenue!

Contest – Win Theater Tix!

1 May

Enter to win a pair of tickets to The Prisoner of Second Avenue!

Like theater, like to laugh? The Dynamo and Lunds Studentteater want to invite a few lucky readers to enjoy The Prisoner of Second Avenue on the house!

To win one of three pairs of tickets, be one of the first three participants to send an email (use the title “CONTEST”) to lund.dynamo@gmail. Indicate your name, the day for which you would like the tickets (available for the May 3 or May 4 shows only) and answer the following question: Who wrote The Prisoner of Second Avenue?

We thank everyone for their participation! We will communicate only with the winners regarding details to get the tickets.

The LUST English-language play will premiere on May 2 and run until May 5. All shows take place at 7PM at Månteatern (Bredgatan 3, near the municipal library).

For those who don’t win, tickets are 70 SEK for AF-Members and 100 for Non-AF Members if bought in advance (Studentinfo inside the AF or online). At the door (on sale from 6PM at Månteatern), prices are 80 and 110 SEK, respectively.

New Dynamo issue!

23 Apr

Read it today!

News, sports, theater, recipe, nutrition, comics, and even a sudoku! Read all this and more today in the newest issue of The Dynamo!

Lundaspexarna 125th anniversary

13 Apr

Djingis Khan is back in town

This spring, mustaches are in again: for their 125th birthday and their famous April 30 spex*, Lundaspexarna are reviving the mighty Genghis Khan for 9 shows, starting April 22 .

You can joint the event here on Facebook. Tickets can now be bought at Studentinfo inside the AF or online here: you can find exact dates and prices can be found on the Lundaspexarna website (extra shows have been added from the Facebook dates). Continue reading

English Theater Spring 2011

29 Mar

NY comes to LU

by Umut Hanioglu

The Prisoner of Second Avenue is a play written by American dramatist Neil Simon. Here in Lund, it will be directed by Pegah Zardoost during the 2011 spring term.

The play deals with the relationship between a couple living in New York, where the man is unemployed and kind of desperate. The actors’ auditions were completed in February and the selected crew is currently rehearsing feverishly.

The production has many departments; set design, cooking for parties, costumes, graphic design, photography and make-up. In fact, if anyone reading this is interested in joining you can become a part of the production by joining the play’s Facebook group here.

This is the first English production at Lund University that will have its premiere outside the university campus, at the Manteater in Lund.

The dates for the play are May 2,3,4 and 5, 2011. Tickets are expected to cost around 80 SEK for AF members and 110 for non-members.

For those interested, there is also a Swedish production going on that will premier around mid-May.

Let the show go on!

Student Theatre in English

7 Feb

Meeting tonight, auditions this week

If you’d like to get involved with student theatre this semester, you’ll be happy to hear Lunds studentteater is putting on an English production!

LUST will put on The Prisoner of Second Avenue, by American playwright Neil Simon. More details can be found here.

The student theatre’s introductory meeting for the term will be tonight (Monday, February 7) at 18:30 at Café Athen in the AF castle. The first hour will be conducted in English.

If you’d like to audition for a part in the play, you can e-mail lust@lundsstudentteater.se to arrange for a time (most likely  on Wednesday from 18:00 – 21:00).

Anyone interested in the production and helping out in any way is invited to join! Experience is welcome but in no way necessary – enthusiasm is just as good.

Hälsningsgille, Spring 2011

1 Feb

This Friday!

Though the prime audience for this event is new Swedish students (as you can see, the info had to be Google-translated from here), everyone can drop by the AF building this Friday, from noon to 4pm, to meet-and-greet with student, community, sports, etc. organizations of all kinds.

Among others, there will be a special station where students can get information (and also help) for registration to Studentlund.se (the mega-organization of nations, unions, etc.).  If you’d like to register or double-check your files it’s important to have your LU-identity number – if your are not certain what that is, just bring your welcome package and they will help to sort it out!

English-language Theater

20 Jan

Producer Wanted!

After two very successful English-language plays last academic year, LUST (Lunds Studentteater) is ready to repeat the experience!

After tackling Oscar Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest) and historical drama (Elizabeth), LUST is wanting to put on The Prisoner of Second Avenue by Neil Simon.

The troupe is just missing a producer – someone ready to take on the general responsibility for the play, working closely with the director and heads of the different teams (media and advertising, costumes, set design, etc.). Those interested should e-mail lust@lundsstudentteater.se.

The show must go on!

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