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Visit to Kulturen

3 Nov

Join Kalmar for a visit

Kalmar Nation’s International and NATU (the nation’s activity and well-being group) committees are inviting anyone interested (not just Kalmar members!) to come along to Kulturen tomorrow afternoon (Thursday).

“This is Skåne’s biggest museum and the second oldest open-air museum in the world. The museum was founded in 1892 by Georg Karlin. He realized that the old peasant society was slowly disappearing and resolved to rescue buildings, tools, furniture, clothes and other things. There are now more than thirty buildings, moved and re-erected here in Kulturen to fill two blocks of the city of Lund. The buildings show how people have lived and worked in Sweden through the ages.” Right now they have an exhibition about China, amongst others.

Those interested will meet up outside Kalmar Nation at 2 PM; the group will walk over together from there (a few minutes away). Entrance is 35 SEK for students.

International Secretary
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