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New Domkyrka Forum

4 Jul

Lund Cathedral getting upgraded

The Lund Cathedral will not look like this by June 2011...

Work on the much-announced, ultra-modern welcome centre to the Lund Domkyrka has begun.

(Read a Sydvenskan article (Google translated) here.)

These new developments go with many renovations and new buildings that will be coming to Lundagård – read more about it in our Briefs news section in our third issue.

The Nations from A to Ö

13 May

H is for Hallands

Thanks to Oscar Petersson, Qurator at Hallands nation.

When were you founded and why: 1928, when members of Göteborgs nation thought that Hallands should be it’s own nation.

What is the pride of your nation: The party prize of the tandem race, and the most beautiful dinner room in Lund.

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Karneval 2010 Music

11 May

May you hear the music

by Florina Vilciu and Ariane Senécal

Many hot artists, emerging and experienced, will head to Lund during Carnival. The Dynamo caught up with some of them prior to their arrival; find out what they had to say when under our spotlight!

© Image courtesy of The Housewives

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Karneval Music Schedule

11 May

Lend them your ears

Two major venues for musical guests during carnival will be the Dansen, a dance-club experience taking place all three evenings inside the AF castle, and the main stage, a large outdoor scene set up in Lundagård that will host afternoon and evening shows.

Find the schedule here…

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Saving money in Lund

21 Apr

One person’s junk, another’s treasure

by Ariane Senécal

You can find all sorts of highly useful items in Lund’s second hand stores!

In the land of IKEA, one finds many stylish, affordable items to furnish an apartment or decorate a student room. But Lund also has a good number of second-hand shops with quality used items – you just might find a barely scratched Billy bookcase at half-price! Profits usually go to a noble cause. Beware, most have odd opening hours that can vary without warning and some are a bit tricky to find.

Erikshjälpen – The granddaddy of second-hand stores in Lund, probably the largest, definitely the best known, but not always the cheapest (compared to others in this list). Clothes, books, linen, furniture, kitchen accessories, electronics, the occasional piano. Open Tues-Thurs 11-18 Sat 11-15. Stora Södergatan 25. Continue reading

Travel: Where to go around Lund

17 Apr

Wallander’s Wonderland

by Ariane Senécal

If you have friends or relatives visiting and are looking for a day trip, Ystad is a great choice: a nice medieval locality known for its cobbled streets, timbered houses and bloody crime.

© Ariane Senécal

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The Nations from A to Ö

16 Apr

B is for Blekingska

Thanks to Andrea Fokt and Camilla Anger, respectively Qurator and ProQurator at Blekingska Nation.

© Anika Lindtner

When were you founded and why: 1697, in order to create a network for Blekinge locals in the strange foreign town of Lund.

What is the pride of your nation: the vast amount of great bands who have performed on our small stage – do names like the Cardigans, the Hives, Of Montreal, Bob Hund, the Radio Dept, Alphaville ring any bells?

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Recipe – Gooey goodness

15 Apr


by Nadine März

There are many variants of this wonderful chocolate cake, but the general idea is American brownine meets chocolate pudding. It’s not difficult to make, but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t bake too long and lose its ‘gooeyness’. Most recipes use cocoa powder, but melted chocolate is even better…

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13 Apr

Serious partying for Siste april

by Ariane Senécal

© Sergio Silva

© Sergio Silva

Valborg 2007 – will the fiesta this year be cooler, calmer or just colder?

On April 30th, Lund’s City park (Stadsparken) will be invaded by thousands of students ready to welcome the spring with a long day of partying in public.

This annual gathering has been toned down since 2009, after festivities were judged to have gotten out of hand, but it remains one of the most anticipated dates of the Lund student calendar.

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A sexy historical tale

13 Apr

Elizabeth: “drama, comedy, passion, war, and blood”

by Nick Cadle

© Nick Cadle

Director Luca and choreographer Angela whipping
the cast of Elizabeth into shape

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’ve come to see a cast of students prepare for the Lund University Student Theatre production of Elizabeth – a modern interpretation of the 1998 film – which premieres on April 19th.

“The play is in English so everyone can come and see it,” says Italian director Luca Lamorte. “This is a way we can build a bridge between the Swedish students and the international students.”

What is different about this ‘modern interpretation’? It lies in the nature of the performance. Alluring at first, attractive you might say, but could that make a period drama sexy?

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