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2010 Stockholm Film Festival

2 Dec

Capital films!

Our film expert was in Snowy Stockholm (yes, snowier than here!) and shares his experience with us all!

By Umut Hanioğlu

First of all I have to say that Stockholm is one of the most unique cities I have seen in all of Europe. Having seen most of the major and some minor capitals and large cities of the European continent, that is saying something. If only it wasn’t so cold…

In fact, the Gothenburg Film Festival is supposed to be larger and more well known in film circuits than Stockholm. So they say. Maybe it was the cold, some of the films I ‘ve seen packed only half-full crowds. Still there has been long and silent queues where cinephiles waited patiently for some twenty minutes or so to get in. An interesting and cool thing about the films in general was that (at least for the ones I’ve seen) the directors came on stage before the screening and introduced films. Some also had discussions afterwards.

I’ve seen five films and here are my impressions on them.

  1. Electro Wars

This is a documentary consisting of interviews with DJs in the electro scene of mainly New York by Stephen Alex Vasquez. I’m not a big electro fan and didn’t know most of the people interviewed but it is still interesting to see how different music styles influence each other. The part where they tried to interview the French dance duo Justice was really funny. Justice didn’t want to be interviewed and the reporter had to chase them around to ask ‘What does electro mean to you? And the guy finally said ‘Nothing.’ Maybe he was just drunk.

  1. The Man Who Sold the World

This film was by Moroccan brothers Imad and Swel Noury and based on Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel ‘The Weak Heart’. I haven’t read the novel but it is always hard to visualize a novel, especially a Dostoyevsky novel which usually deals with inner feelings and issues and that is hard to show in film. Still the acting was good and moving at times.

  1. The Tree

This was a film by French director Julie Bertucelli and stars famous French singer Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. I basically went to see this as Gainsbourg was in it and the film was not disappointing at all.

  1. Howl

Fiction film with strange animations based on Beat poet Allen Ginsberg focusing on the trial against him after the publication of his poem, Howl.

5. My Joy

This was a Russian film depicting life in rural Russia. Not for the faint hearted. Random brutality and a really depressing tone.

Lund International Choral Festival

11 Oct

“Once More, With Feeling!”

By Alisa Nikitina

Another week-long festival will make local art connoisseurs happy – this time, with a polyphony of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses which are going to fill in the walls of the Domkyrka, city theater, city library, as well as several university buildings. On October 11-17, Lund will host its third International Choral Festival. The Dynamo decided to find out what’s in there for international students…


Youth choir 'Scala', from Belgium. Picture courtesy of Musik i Syd©.


Not that long ago, in 2006, somebody up there decided to nominate the city of Lund for a prestigious title, that of “European Capital of Culture 2014”. And although we lost to Umeå, the competitive spirit had brought to life many worthwhile traditions, among which the Lund International Choral Festival.

In its two first editions, in 2006 and 2008, the festival rocked the city, attracting 18,000 visitors altogether. This year, organizers aim to make 10,000 people come to Lund to enjoy the performances of 2,000 international as well as local performers. Continue reading

Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2010

11 Oct

Review – It’s all entertainment?

By Umut Hanioğlu


Should the Fantasy genres give us more to think about than to gawk at?


The 10-day festival finally came to an end Saturday October 2nd. This year attendances peaked as the Premiere night movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Luc Besson’s fantastic vision of early 20th-century Paris, The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, sold out completely.

People of all ages were to be seen lining up for the screenings, meaning the fantasy and science fiction genres (mixed with horror, etc.) did not only appeal to teenagers and/or young adults.

The wide array of films covering such subjects as medieval warriors, zombies in the city of London, Romanian vampires and robot geishas shows the potential for creativity and wealth of ideas for these genres.

Yet somehow it feels as if the films that screened were made only to entertain people, which is fine, but with no other purpose. Continue reading

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

4 Oct

Big mountain comes to flat Skåne

If you’re into hiking, climbing, skiing, the great outdoors, avalanches, etc. – the Banff Mountain Film Festival probably has something for you.

The Festival comes to Lund tomorrow, October 5th, at 6:30pm at the Stadsteater. Details about ticket sales can be found here (in Swedish). General info about the Festival can be found here.

FFF 2010

1 Oct

Fantastic film festival goes on til Saturday

Photos by Umut Hanioğlu

Here’s a peak at what you might be missing!

Pictures are from the FFF showing of French director Luc Besson’s The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec. As it was sold out, the film is getting an extra screening tonight – details here!

For other film options, check the program here – click on a movie to check whether it’s in English (or some language you know) or has English subtitles.

Kulturkalaset 2010

24 Sep

Tomorrow is Culture Festival time in Lund!

Discover places you thought you knew in a new light... Photo © James Ho

From morning until night all over town, Lund livens up with public spaces welcoming visitors, shops open late, spontaneous concerts, edible goodies, art displays, and most everything at no charge – it’s a great time to discover some of Lund’s hidden treasures!

You can find more about the event on the official page (Google translated). The program is in Swedish only, but don’t let that intimidate you: follow the map, check the time, and see what’s there! Note some events are quite popular and may mean line-ups.

Some university institutes are participating, such as the Institute for Cultural Science (program in Swedish, Facebook page here), the Geocentrum, the Historical Museum, the Astronomy House (public lecture on life potential on other planets, in English, at 21:15), the Biology Institute, the Physics Institute…  Find out whether your department is up to anything!

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

23 Sep

FFF Kicks Off Today!!

Text and photo by Umut Hanioğlu

What better fun than catching a movie with friends, like these guys?

The Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, which premieres tonight at 21:00 with Scott Pilgrim vs The World at the Kino, will run until October 2.

The FFF offers a mix of new and not-so-new science fiction, fantasy and horror films, one of which will surely attract your attention. This year the festival hosts recent audience pleasers such as the UK hit Shaun of the Dead and The Illusionist.

You can also see a number of new features by acclaimed directors in the horror/fantasy genre, such as Faye Jackson’s debut feature Strogoi, a story based on the vampire folklore of Romanian village life. For the hardcore science fiction fan, I recommend Stranger in a Strange Land, a film based on writer Robert Heinlein’s lenghty book of the same name.

The films are taking place at the Kino and Södran as well as at the Stadshallen. Tickets are 75 SEK (100 SEK for 3D movies), but an additional 40 SEK membership is first required – there are also multi-movie packages (details here).

For more info, check out the official website (parts in English) or check around town and grab a booklet!!

A night at the movies is classic good fun.

1st ever Lund Humour Festival

28 Aug

British comedienne Sally Phillips in Lund tonight

The first Lunds Humorfestival is currently on (August 27 and 28), and tonight at 10:30pm Sally Phillips will be on stage at the Lunds Stadsteatern.

Leftover tickets will be sold at the door half an hour prior to the show. Tickets are 170 SEK.

There are of course other shows and concerts on, some of them free, but in Swedish only. You can find the Google-translated program here.

Malmöfestivalen 2010

25 Aug

Keep on rocking in the free… concerts

Band of Horses (USA) on the Malmöfestivalen stage.

Malmöfestival is going strong all week, with lots of concerts and activities that won’t cost you a krona.

Mark Wong, who went to check out Band of Horses reports, “The festival site I went to was close to Malmö Central station and you could hear the loud music from there.  It was a very windy and cold day but that did not stop throngs of rock music fans from swarming the main square of the city.  The festival will continue until the 27th of  August so make sure you visit Malmö!”

More pictures here! Continue reading

Malmöfestivalen begins today

19 Aug

Free week-long happenings a short bus/train ride away

There will be lots of day and night-time entertainment over the weekend and in the days that follow – you can find the PDF program (in English! :D) here.

There is a bit more information in English on their snazzy website.

For travel to Malmö, there’s some transport info in the ‘New to Lund‘ page.

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