Valborg Eve & Night

27 Apr

Nations’ parties begin early, continue late

Afraid that beginning celebrations early on April 30th will not be enough? Or that you won’t be quite fiesta-ed out after the day at Stadsparken? Neighbouring nations join forces to offer Siste April mega-parties.

Hallands and Västgöta have brought back Kvalborg on the evening of Thursday the 29th, while Sydskånska, Helsingkrona and Krischansta wrap it all up again this year with Tegelbruket on Friday night.

By teaming up, the nations are able to offer more dance and drink options, with concept clubs, multiple dance floors, live music stages, and more. 800 people will be able to attend Kvalborg, while 1200 can be welcomed for Tegelbruket.

Tickets to Kvalborg are on sale now during office hours at both VGs and Hallands for 60 SEK, or available at the door for 80 SEK. Tickets to Tegelbruket are 120 SEK and are only available in advance at Sydskånska, Helsingkrona and Krischansta.

(Info available at and respective nations’ websites. )

For more general info on Valborg/Siste April, read our feature:


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