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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

4 Oct

Big mountain comes to flat Skåne

If you’re into hiking, climbing, skiing, the great outdoors, avalanches, etc. – the Banff Mountain Film Festival probably has something for you.

The Festival comes to Lund tomorrow, October 5th, at 6:30pm at the Stadsteater. Details about ticket sales can be found here (in Swedish). General info about the Festival can be found here.

Annual Parentesen Brännboll Tournament – Update!

19 Sep

(Something fun happening where you live? Let us know at lund.dynamo@gmail.com!)

Let the games begin!

Text and pictures by Mark Wong

The annual Parentesen Brännboll tournament started today Saturday (September 18) and will continue for one week, ending Friday (September 24).

This event was supposed to be held in the Spring, but the Parentesen yard was under renovations at that time.

The participants are the various corridors in Parentesen and they will play for the glory and also a prize.  The worst loser will have to clean up the mess created after the game though.  So we all do not want to be in that team!


September 19:

The Sunday games kicked off with very nice sunny weather.  The first game was between level A4 and the whole of B block.  It was a pretty fast paced game with both teams having pretty strong batters.  B block’s main catcher (catcher positioned by the outing base, Brännplatta) is quite good as he is able to burn a lot of players early in the game, which puts pressure on the team.

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Joining a nation?

14 Sep

Registration period ends Friday

If you have been thinking about joining a nation but haven’t yet acted upon it, note the official registration period ends this Friday, September 17.

After that, joining will be much more of a hassle, and you might have to wait a long (longer) time before you get a student card.

Joining a nation has been mandatory for undergraduate Swedish students at LU for over 300 years. This year marks a big change in student culture in Lund, with nation membership becoming optional.

Still, nations retain their exclusive rights to serve cheaper food and drinks to members, and only students can become members.

A beer in a nation will usually run anywhere between 20 and 40 SEK, generally half of what they cost elsewhere. A meal is usually between 30 and 50 (more for a sittning), and sometimes includes dessert and coffee.

Hälsingsgille, Autumn 2010

3 Sep

You came, you saw, you picked up the free stuff?

Want to make some noise? You could join one of the student marching bands!

If you didn’t, you’ll have to wait til next semester for another chance!

Mark Wong was there: “Today was the day where all students, Swedish and International, came to the AF Building to check out the clubs and nations before they join any of them.  The fair started at noon time and AF Building was so packed then that I had to come back later around 2pm for a chance to step inside and see what all the fuss was about.  There were also some organizations setting up shop outside too in addition to the first two floors of AF Building.”

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Lunds Kommun bike auctions

27 Aug

Ride into the sunset

The first of one of three bike auctions planned by the city took place on August 26 – here’s a look at how it goes down!

Doesn't look like much, but this is an official event organized by the Lunds Kommun!

Mark Wong describes: “It was interesting to see how they conducted the bike auction.  In the first hour, you have the chance to take a look at the bicycles to be auctioned away in a huge warehouse.  After that, everybody gathers around the auctioneer outside the warehouse and slowly goes through the list of about a hundred bicycles.  After the first ten to twenty bikes, the average price sold per bike was around SEK750.  The bicycles were of varying quality, some with broken headlights, or rust, but all of them are usable.”

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Bike auction

25 Aug

Need wheels?

Might want to try your luck bidding on one of the bikes the Lunds kommun will be selling off (usually lost/stolen/abandoned bikes picked up from public spaces).

Official info (in Swedish, but easy enough to follow) here. Remember to paranoid-ly lock your bike anywhere you go – bike theft has to be the number one crime in Lund! For extra protection (and so it doesn’t get sold at a future auction if stolen then found) you can register your bicycle (for free) at Lundahoj.

Nations ready for Novischer!

23 Aug

Thinking of signing up? Now’s the time!

Monday August 23 marks the beginning of the official Nation registration for this autumn. Nations will hold daily office hours when you can go and ask questions, get a feel for the place and people, and pay to register if you decide to go ahead.

You can find links to all the Nations’ homepages here as well as on Wikipedia. If you’re a new student, the student guide in your welcome package should have information as well as a map to find out where each nation is located.

If you have no idea which one to choose, ask around – every nation has its personality. Your mentors can advise if you’re part of a group. And in any case, once you’re member of one, you’re allowed in all the others (Smålands is an exception, as they decided to go independent).

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General Information Market & Welcome Meeting

18 Aug

Information galore!

Kiosks set up waiting for the onslaught of students.

The first 48 hours in Lund can make one dizzy – a combination of long waits and information overload. Hope all those who went through the biggest Arrival Day ever came out on the other side okay! And got to enjoy some of the information market and presentations.

Mark Wong, again taking pictures for The Dynamo, said “The weather in Lund is better today.  It’s perfect for the students visiting the general information market which took place in Kårhuset.  Mostly curious about the student nations and which ones to join.  Some cultural groups and sports teams were there as well as Wisecracker’s and the Rugby team.”

More pictures here! Continue reading

Hälsningsgille Autumn 2010

12 Aug

Free stuff and lots more

Mostly aimed at Swedish students, Hälsningsgille is a big fair where student and community organizations as well as businesses like banks and gyms all come out to woo as many students as possible to their cause.

It’s usually jam-packed with kiosks and people – arriving early is not a bad idea, expect line-ups (this is Sweden – get used to always expecting line-ups). You can get your fill of free pens, free passes, and it’s a great occasion to meet-and-greet with like-minded people and to get to know what’s out there. This fall, it’s happening as always in the ball room of the AF castle, on September 3rd.

More info (Google translated) here.

August is…

26 Jul

Bike theft month?!

rupp.de - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Or is it just that people come back in August and notice then their wheels have rolled off without them?

According to this article (Google translated) from Skånskan, you should hang on to your electronics and wallets too, especially in summer.

(For newbies to Lund, you’ll find it’s generally a very safe town – bikes are the main crime victims! Invest in a good lock or, if you can, you might save money by bringing one from home!)

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