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Urban farming talk tonight

12 May

Green is good

Wannabe green thumbs are welcome to attend a free talk tonight, “Urban Farming- Small-Scale Agriculture in Urban Spaces”, as part of the urban farming project “Ett Grönere Lund” (A Greener Lund), organized by ABC World Shop and Hållbart Universitet (Lund Students for Sustainability). It’s a cool project, especially now in spring, when the weather is nice and it’s fun to work outside!

Details are as follows:

Urban Farming- Small-Scale Agriculture in Urban Spaces
Thursday, May 12, 17:30-19:00 at ABC World Shop, Winstrupsgatan 3

Speaker, Karin Jansson, an expert in gardening and editor of the magazine ‘Odlaren” will talk (in English) about:

  • How does urban farming work in the city-landscape?
  • How can urban farming be a sustainable alternative for food andpart of our lifestyle in the Global North?
  • Can urban farming provide better food security for the South?

Karin’s presentation will be followed by a led discussion and there will also be a fair trade and eco-friendly fika to buy.

The talk will take place at ABC World Shop, Winstrupsgatan 3. More info about ABC World Shop can be found here, more about Hållbart Universitet (Lund Students for Sustainability) here.
Here is the link to the facebook event.

Urban Farming refers to overcoming the restrictions of a metropolis and creating a garden in your home, no matter the size or lack of ‘natural space.’ Just because you live in a concrete city does not mean you can’t live with a little green inside your apartment. There are many ways to cultivate a garden in the city, including containers, window herb boxes, or green roofs.

As more and more of the world’s population begins to move into urban centers, it is becoming increasingly important for natural growth and gardens to find a way to survive in cities.

Shanghai Photo Exhibit

8 May

China’s Metropolis through Russian Eyes

The LU Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies and the Lund Association for Foreign Affairs (UPF) present “Shanghai Trans-Siberia”, an exhibit by two young Russian photographers, Lena Kilina and Katya Knyazeva, which is taking place at Café Ariman tomorrow Monday, May 9, at 7pm.

The official description goes as follows: Continue reading

Last Sista April ever?

4 May

At least for Stadsparken?

Read on here in Sydsvenskan to see what’s being discussed following the record-breaking Valborg party-in-the-park last Saturday (article is Google translated, for those who have been skipping Swedish class…).

(One other solution would be to increase police presence? Read here, translated, yes.)

If it was indeed a historic and possibly ultimate happening, we’re especially happy to have these pictures shared by Dynamo volunteer Jane Dihn to commemorate the occasion!

Continue reading

Theater review

2 May

A sneak peek!

Thinking of going to see The Prisoner of Second Avenue? The Dynamo‘s Nadine März and Linda Andersson were there tonight at the play’s premiere!

The Prisoner of Second Avenue is a very sad but at the same time entertaining play about a middle-aged couple in New York. Mel and Edna Edison are facing rough times, such as job loss and a nervous breakdown, and they do their best to get through them.

Even though the stage is simple and not a lot of props are used, the actors manage to make the story convincing, letting the audience directly into their living room. As a part of their life, the viewer is torn between laughing at the clever text and feeling sorry for them and their situation. Also everybody behind the stage did a good job bringing the play to life.

You should take the chance to see the play because it is a very moving story and you will not regret it. It is running every night at 7pm until Thursday at Månteatern.

Text and all photos: Nadine März and Linda Andersson

Theater Tix Contest

2 May

Winners laughing all the way to the theater!

Congrats to Jane, Maarja and Neenu, who correctly identified Neil Simon as the playwright of The Prisoner of Second Avenue!

Contest – Win Theater Tix!

1 May

Enter to win a pair of tickets to The Prisoner of Second Avenue!

Like theater, like to laugh? The Dynamo and Lunds Studentteater want to invite a few lucky readers to enjoy The Prisoner of Second Avenue on the house!

To win one of three pairs of tickets, be one of the first three participants to send an email (use the title “CONTEST”) to lund.dynamo@gmail. Indicate your name, the day for which you would like the tickets (available for the May 3 or May 4 shows only) and answer the following question: Who wrote The Prisoner of Second Avenue?

We thank everyone for their participation! We will communicate only with the winners regarding details to get the tickets.

The LUST English-language play will premiere on May 2 and run until May 5. All shows take place at 7PM at Månteatern (Bredgatan 3, near the municipal library).

For those who don’t win, tickets are 70 SEK for AF-Members and 100 for Non-AF Members if bought in advance (Studentinfo inside the AF or online). At the door (on sale from 6PM at Månteatern), prices are 80 and 110 SEK, respectively.

Valborg 2011 impressions

1 May

Musings on a first Valborg

Arriving at the park. Photo ©The Dynamo.

(Thoughts and impressions of an international student living through his first Sista April)

by Obinna Onuoha

I woke up at 9am and after my prayers, I realized it’s Valborg Day. Yes sir, it’s the day everyone’s been waiting for! The build up to this day has been charged with so much talk and activity, most especially among students in Lund. So I decided my first port of call would be a place that would give me a sneak preview of what to expect today – Facebook. And I must say I was not disappointed. A male friend of mine wrote: ‘Woke up at 8.00 to drink! Hello Valborg.’ The drink: ‘popped a cider.’ Another status from a female friend ran, ‘Morning shot at 8. Don’t be late.’ The excitement was just getting started.

However, there were a lot of mixed feelings about this day, from anticipation to feelings of apathy or being terrified. Laughing out loud, terrified?! Well, there was only one way I would know the general attitude towards Valborg – I had to go there myself. The venue: Stadsparken in Lund. I live in Malmö so I got on the 171 at Södervärn. This was going to be my first experience of the event.

In the bus, I saw Swedes who were chatting away happily with their drinks in bags. I got off at Jupitergatan with a lot of the Swedes, and then I made my move. I asked a guy and girl, names Björn and Miriam respectively (both Swedish), the way to Stadsparken, and they told me they were headed there. Great, my unofficial chaperones! As we walked, we also talked about the event and what I was expected to see. Miriam told me that Valborg was celebrated in all of Sweden but was particularly enjoyed in the cities of Lund and Uppsala since they had the biggest student populations. She attended the event last year for the first time and also said that she had friends from Denmark who were coming in today as well. Björn too mentioned that last year’s event occurred on a rainy day. But from the look of the weather, it was a clear and sunny day; a beautiful day indeed this was shaping up to being.

Continue reading

Valborg 2011 wrap-up

1 May

Record number in Stadsparken

25,000 are estimated to have come to Stadsparken yesterday. Authorities report that the park is dirty, but that nothing too bad happened. You can read more and see more at Sydsvenskan (Google translated).

Today is the actual holiday, the May 1 Labour Day, and a few marches are planned by groups and political parties to mark the occasion. And the famous choir concert takes places at 6 PM on the main university building steps in Lundagård (more info and links here on Facebook – and if you’re too hungover to drag yourself to town, you can watch it on TV4, possibly also on their website).

Valborg 2011 Preparations

29 Apr

Last day before Last of April

Lund is alive with spring fever on this Valborg eve. A few notes for a great day ahead!

 The Lund city website has general information about rules (you are not allowed to bring glass bottles or furniture in the park – this includes camping chairs; blankets are best, one-time barbecues are fine too) and the weekend’s events here (Radio AF will be there – note the unfortunately little noticed Facebook event claiming 100 years of Valborg parties in the park!).

For those planning a liquid lunch, note all Systembolaget stores in Lund will be closed tomorrow. (So expect queues today!) Opening hours for different stores can be found here.

In past years mobile communication in the park has proved somewhat difficult. So many people mean signals are not always good, and besides you can’t hear so well!  It’s a good idea for friends to meet up before entering the fray.

For those eager to start partying already, VGs and Hallands join forces tonight to bring you Kvalborg. Details in English – scroll down the  Facebook event description.

Sydsvenskan has a good overview of all the weekend’s happenings here and here (both articles Google translated of course!). Find a fire near you!

The weather is looking nice (but not so warm)! Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

© Anika Lindtner

Valborg 2011

28 Apr

“City park is waiting for the invasion”

Sounds serious, but it’s anything but – the Sydsvenskan article in question (Google translated here) is referring to Siste April happenings in Stadsparken. The Facebook event has over 17,000 guests at the time of writing.

April 30 is a special day in many places (although May 1 is the actual holiday), but particularly in Lund – a “spontaneous” gathering of students partying all day in the park is the standard. There are also bonfires in parks and on beaches.

© Sergio Silva

More details to come in the coming days!

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