Environmental Movie Screening

8 Sep

Movie on “Sustainable Truth?”

The  Hållbart Universitet – Lund Students for Sustainability, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Center for Environmental and Climate Science, Student council for Lund students from environmental science, Studiefrämjandet, and Folkuniversitetet are organizing movie screenings every Tuesday between September 13 and November 1. 

If climate change is a seroius issue for you, you would like to know what happiness and sustainablity have in common and you like documentarie, then you should join this series of movie screening. The movies will be shown every tuesday at 6.30 pm in the Ecology building, Sölvegatan 37. After each movie there’ll be speakers who are experts within the theme of each movie to engage with the audience with questions and discussions. All movies will be in English and free of charge.

The September Schedule:

Sept 13: The Great Global Warming Swindle

Speaker: Lars Hansson, IIIEE

Sept 20: Age of Stupid

Speaker: Oleg Izyumenko, 350.org & Wake Up Call

Sept 27: Economics of Happiness

Speaker: Oksana Mont, IIIEE

Oct 4: HOME

Speaker: Lars and Doris Almström, SNF

More information can be either found on their facebook event side or here.


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