Housing question

8 Jun

Accomodation in Lund remains a puzzle!

We at The Dynamo serve as a type of unofficial help desk for international students, and we’re glad when we can help out! We received this good question from a reader, so we thought we’d share it with everyone!


I am a 23 year-old Spanish student. I am going to study in Lund for the year 2011-2012 in the faculty of humanities. I am very excited about my arrival in Lund but also quite preoccupied because I do not have a house yet. I would like to know if this situation is normal, the International Housing Office has not processed my application yet since the status is “Received”. On the Lund University web page it says it is difficult to find housing so I started searching by myself in one of the pages recomended by the university. I sent some e-mails to particulars who hire rooms and the price was too high: 2800 SEK per month, is it normal?? And, my last question: what is it living in the Nations? Thanks in advance for your help!

Welcome to Lund! 🙂

First we must warn you – life in Sweden is expensive. The price you mention, 2800 SEK (which is about 280 euros), is rather low. Most students pay more than this, like 3000-4000 SEK per month. Many (mostly Swedish) students live in AFB rooms (like these). By the way you can try registering with AFB to try and get a corridor room, they save some for new students. Otherwise there is a queue. Usually they offer some of the cheapest options, but it will likely not be much lower than 3500 SEK.

If you do get a room with the International Housing Office, the rent is between SEK 13000 and SEK 22000 per semester, so if you calculate for a 5-month semester that is 2600 SEK to 4400 SEK per month (details are here).

Nations are Lund student associations. If you’ve seen American movies, they are a little like fraternities, but without the hierarchy, intimidation, money…  They are cool student clubs that offer cheap drinks, food, activities and housing. They usually also have corridor rooms and apartments, and these can perhaps be cheaper than AFB and IHO but it will depend on the Nation. For example, we two Dynamo editors live in a Kalmar Nation apartment, and the rent is unusually low (around 4000 SEK per month for the two of us). But Nations only offer rooms to their members, so you should communicate with them to check how it works. There are 13 nations in Lund. You can read the Arrival issue of The Dynamo for last term: on page 2 we have a little table that gives a real quick overview of Nations’ personalities.

As for the IHO status, it does take some time to process all the requests. Not sure when they will give students answers this time,we lived in an IHO apartment in 2009-2010 and we received our answer by the end of June or so.

Hope this helps, we know it’s tough to figure it all out!!  Cheers, and best of luck!

The Dynamo Team 🙂


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