Urban farming talk tonight

12 May

Green is good

Wannabe green thumbs are welcome to attend a free talk tonight, “Urban Farming- Small-Scale Agriculture in Urban Spaces”, as part of the urban farming project “Ett Grönere Lund” (A Greener Lund), organized by ABC World Shop and Hållbart Universitet (Lund Students for Sustainability). It’s a cool project, especially now in spring, when the weather is nice and it’s fun to work outside!

Details are as follows:

Urban Farming- Small-Scale Agriculture in Urban Spaces
Thursday, May 12, 17:30-19:00 at ABC World Shop, Winstrupsgatan 3

Speaker, Karin Jansson, an expert in gardening and editor of the magazine ‘Odlaren” will talk (in English) about:

  • How does urban farming work in the city-landscape?
  • How can urban farming be a sustainable alternative for food andpart of our lifestyle in the Global North?
  • Can urban farming provide better food security for the South?

Karin’s presentation will be followed by a led discussion and there will also be a fair trade and eco-friendly fika to buy.

The talk will take place at ABC World Shop, Winstrupsgatan 3. More info about ABC World Shop can be found here, more about Hållbart Universitet (Lund Students for Sustainability) here.
Here is the link to the facebook event.

Urban Farming refers to overcoming the restrictions of a metropolis and creating a garden in your home, no matter the size or lack of ‘natural space.’ Just because you live in a concrete city does not mean you can’t live with a little green inside your apartment. There are many ways to cultivate a garden in the city, including containers, window herb boxes, or green roofs.

As more and more of the world’s population begins to move into urban centers, it is becoming increasingly important for natural growth and gardens to find a way to survive in cities.

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