Shanghai Photo Exhibit

8 May

China’s Metropolis through Russian Eyes

The LU Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies and the Lund Association for Foreign Affairs (UPF) present “Shanghai Trans-Siberia”, an exhibit by two young Russian photographers, Lena Kilina and Katya Knyazeva, which is taking place at Café Ariman tomorrow Monday, May 9, at 7pm.

The official description goes as follows:

“From Siberia to Shanghai” is a double-feature photo exhibit showcasing the artworks of two expatriate photographers from Russia. The girls use old cameras and experiment with film to capture the evasive reality of Shanghai, the fastest-changing city in the world. Their Russian background and European outlook allows them to create delicate compositions and find surprising metaphors, sometimes rendering a touch of antiquity to this hyper-modern Asian megalopolis. Both photographers create playful, vibrant artworks that offer an unusual angle at the image of Shanghai.

And here are the photographers’ official bios:

©Katya Knyazeva

Katya Knyazeva is a journalist and fine artist born in Novosibirsk. She has lived in South Korea and currently resides in Shanghai. Having produced illustrated books, animations and a graphic novel she currently writes articles on Shanghai’s history, cuisine, culture and urban form. For her photographic explorations she uses expired film stock and eccentric Soviet cameras. Katya’s focus is disappearing and forgotten decaying neighborhoods in Shanghai. Her work has been featured in various online media and exhibited online. See more images here.

©Lena Kilina

Lena Kilina was  born in Far Eastern Russia. Having graduated from music school as a piano and vocal major, she then went on to major in Asian Studies and Chinese Philosophy at Novosibirsk State University in the heart of Western Siberia. Currently MA student of Lund University. Lena’s obsession with the camera began four years ago with a professional Sony model.  However, she was soon turned on to analog cameras such as her Minolta, Zenit and Holga, preferring the style of vintage and old-fashioned photography. Lena’s work earned first place in “Daily China,” a photo competition held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in January 2008.  In April 2008, she participated in an international photo workshop held during the “Mediavawe” music festival in Gyor, Hungary.  She also took part in a summer photography and video art camp in Ravazd, Hungary in July 2008.  Her final photo project on exhibit was titled “In memory of 1968.” In June 2010 Lena was one of the main photographers of the “Happy Heart” Photo Exhibition. Her works can be seen here and here.


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