Theater review

2 May

A sneak peek!

Thinking of going to see The Prisoner of Second Avenue? The Dynamo‘s Nadine März and Linda Andersson were there tonight at the play’s premiere!

The Prisoner of Second Avenue is a very sad but at the same time entertaining play about a middle-aged couple in New York. Mel and Edna Edison are facing rough times, such as job loss and a nervous breakdown, and they do their best to get through them.

Even though the stage is simple and not a lot of props are used, the actors manage to make the story convincing, letting the audience directly into their living room. As a part of their life, the viewer is torn between laughing at the clever text and feeling sorry for them and their situation. Also everybody behind the stage did a good job bringing the play to life.

You should take the chance to see the play because it is a very moving story and you will not regret it. It is running every night at 7pm until Thursday at Månteatern.

Text and all photos: Nadine März and Linda Andersson


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