LU admin response to racism allegations

19 Apr

Official statement released

Lund University has published a press release regarding the incident which has led to potential charges of racism at a nation. This is the official translation we have been sent:

Zero tolerance of racism and discrimination
Lund University’s vice-chancellor and pro vice-chancellor have today met Hallands nation’s qurator and inspector in connection with the incident at Hallands nation, where students at a dinner held a mock slave auction.
Lund University’s core values uphold equality and ethnic and social diversity. Discrimination and unfair treatment are not acceptable. Respect, tolerance and consideration shall be shown to all, and there shall be shared responsibility and loyalty to the University’s core values, duties and aims.
“Following the core values should be a matter of course for all employees, students, unions and nations. There must be no doubt that we have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination”, say Lund University Vice-Chancellor Per Eriksson and Pro Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.
Besides the meeting with Hallands nation, the vice-chancellor and pro vice-chancellor will use future meetings with the students’ unions and nations to ensure that Lund University’s core values are also followed in the activities of the unions and nations.


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