Swedish TV

14 Apr

How I met Håkan Hellström and friends

Swedish musicians up close and personal on "Dom kallar oss artister"

Bored? Procrastinating? Here’s a tip from The Dynamo‘s Ruth Schüler! (Pssst, you can only follow her recommendation until April 20! :D)

It was a rainy November afternoon – one of those days you do not even want to walk the 50 meters to the coffee shop next door to meet your friends for a fika – and I was randomly surfing the net in order to distract myself from a paper that I had to hand in the next day. While clicking from one website to another, I end up on svt.se, the homepage of the Swedish national television broadcaster. Out of boredom I click on the button “svt play”.

All of a sudden, I’m following Håkan Hellström, one of Sweden’s most popular singers, through his hometown of Gothenburg, as he gives insight into his life, chatting about the music he likes and showing his favorite gems of his city which glare in bright sunshine.

After 30 minutes that have passed much too quickly, I am suddenly catapulted back into reality (which is still a rainy gray November afternoon).

Since that day, I have followed every single episode of the TV-show “Dom kallar oss artister” (“They call us artists”). After being launched in 2008, it started its third season in 2011 and is broadcasted every Monday at 20:30 on svt.

Through the show, I have learnt a lot about the Swedish music culture and its most popular representatives. I feel that I have really gotten to know the “artists” that let me be a part of their life for 30 minutes once a week and as a very nice side-effect, has also taught me a lot of new Swedish vocabulary.

However, being fluent in Swedish is no prerequisite to enjoy the show as it’s an homage to the artists presented and to music in general and to understand that, you do not need a lot of words.

Moreover, the show follows a clear structure that makes it very easy to understand. After a short presentation of the artists that gives tribute to their most popular songs and sketches the highlights of their career, we follow the artists for a couple of days during their “daily routine”.

We join Annika Norlin during the making of her latest video, travel to Cambodia with Maskinen and accompany Lill Lindfors to her concert in Norway. In between, we learn about the first record the artist listened to, are really impressed by the rubric “I mitt arkiv” (“In my archives”) and get tips on what we should definitely listen to at the moment in the section “I mina hörlurar” (“In my headphones”). Finally – “Till sist” – the artist performs a song in a very private surrounding before it means we have to wait another week to dive into another artist’s world.

Unfortunately, the shows are only accessible online for a limited period of time – the 12 shows of the third season are only available online here until the 20th of April. So, if Lund’s “aprilvädret” locks you at home, you know how to get distracted.

Read this and more in this month’s Dynamo – available soon!


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