1 Apr

Tuiton fees cancelled for all students

The Swedish government, in a gesture of remorse and regret, has issued a statement apologizing to all wannabe international students to Sweden for depriving them of the opportunity for free higher education and has determined that education in Sweden will remain free for all for all eternity.

Sounds impossible, too good to be true?! Well, it is. But we warned you from the beginning, for those who kan svenskaAprilskämt is the Swedish name for April Fools’ Day. 😀

Many countries share this tradition: it is a day marked by practical jokes played on small or large scales.

Swedish media has been known to participate enthusiastically in April 1st gags: one famous example is that of the a 1962 DIY colour-TV prank. The Local lists this year’s top fake news here.

Want to play your own prank? Just remember to keep it in good taste – it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, or their lunch… 😉



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