Stortorget Vigil for Japan

15 Mar

Prayers and wishes sent eastwards

Monday night there was a gathering at Stortorget, organized by Hållbart Universitet – Lund Students for Sustainability with the purpose of showing solidarity with the Japanese people and raise awareness regarding the nuclear risk they are facing. The Dynamo‘s Mark Wong was there.

“It was touching to see so many people attending the candlelight vigil at Stortorget last night even when it was drizzling. In addition to the many Swedish students there, there were also students from Japan, China, and also Europeans. It was a great show of solidarity by all who were there as we all took the time to talk to and pray together with the Japanese hoping that everything will be alright from now onwards. We pray and hope that the Japanese spirit will continue to live on and that they will have the strength to rebuild the country in the aftermath of the worst ever earthquake and tsunami to hit their country.

The Japanese students are also compiling pictures of students with messages which will be turned into a video. This video will then be sent to Japan to show that we are with them and supporting them. There will be another session at the SOL ( Språk och litteraturcentrum of Lund University) today at 11:00am – 3:00pm.You can find the Facebook event link here.

There were no details at the moment about how to donate to the Red Cross or directly to Japan. However, any news about this will be appreciated.”

(Good question, Mark! Sweden’s Röda Korset has info here (in Swedish only, un-Google-translateable!), but people can probably find information on their home countries’ aid agencies’ sites too.)

Mark recommends the following link, Japan Quake as seen from twitter, for insight into what people are saying about the catastrophe.

Once again, The Dynamo wishes to express its deepest sympathy and support for those affected by the events in Japan.

All photos ©Mark Wong.


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