Women’s Day 2011

8 Mar

Happy you day, ladies!

Suffrage parade, New York City, May 6, 1912. American Press Association.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day. How is the date marked in Sweden, a country generally recognized for its feminism and gender equality?

DN.se has this general history of Women’s Day and this Q&A with some Swedish female public figures (SvD.se, for their part, speak to EU parlementarian Eva-Britt Svensson). Some are saying that Sweden is no longer a model of fighting for women’s rights and recognition, however – you can read some of those criticisms here from Sverige Radio. (All links Google translated.)

In Lund, a few activities are taking place: there is the documentary Pink Saris at Mejeriet, the Law Students’ Association is having a combined semlordagen and Women’s Day event, Smålands’ feminist Ronja Cafe is having a special celebration – this last link is timed to follow the large city-wide event at Stortorget, which will begin at 5:30PM (all Facebook events).

Wishing all Women and those who love them a great day!


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