Nations back for the season!

14 Jan

Official registration period begins Monday

If you’d like to join a nation for the first time, or if you’d like to switch nations, you can drop by the one (the many?) that interest you to check things out starting this Monday, as nations will have longer hours the next few weeks specifically for this purpose.

If you’d like to renew your membership, you can do so simply by paying the bill your nation should have sent you! If you’re facing any kind of difficulty, or if you’re an exchange student, go to your nation during their opening hours and they’ll help you out.

In the meantime, last semester’s student cards are still valid, and some nations have already started activities for the semester (Blekingska, Helsingkrona, Kalmar, Krischan, Lunds, Malmö, Smålands, Sydskånska, Wermlands and Östgöta – did we miss any? – all have activities tonight/over the weekend)! Check out their homepages for details (the studentlund calendar here in the right corner is not up to date, watch out!).


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