International Ball

6 Jan

Have a ball?

Every semester, the International Ball is an occasion for international students to get a taste of Lund’s student balls, an important tradition in Lund student life. If you’re on your way to Lund, it’s not too late to pack a nice outfit!

The date for the Spring semester ball will be announced later. For now, here is a first-hand account of the Autumn Ball, exclusively written for The Dynamo!

Text and photos by Erasmus student Camille Beluffi

The international ball is an event organized by the Nations’ international secretaries. It’s very good for international students because we can enjoy a classy night in a castle but without the very expensive outfits (just a nice cocktail dress for women and a suit for men).

We first began with a sittning at Malmö nation. I heard that there were other sittnings at other places but I don’t really more about it. There we had a nice aperitif with hors-d’oeuvres and nice wine for free.

Then we sat at our table (random seats chosen for us so we can meet more people) and we had our dinner: as an appetizer, asparagus and prosciutto; as a main course, lemon marinated chicken and Risoni salad; and for dessert, raspberry panacotta.

The whole dinner was very good, very tasty, and we could buy ‘alcohol packages’ for 2 person for 200 SEK: 1 bottle of wine, 2 ciders and 2 shots. Another good way to get to know people. 🙂

During the dinner of course there were a lot of songs, and a little movie about SPAM (the video is online).

After, we moved to another room to have some coffee and shots and improve our dancing before… going to the castle!

The castle is the AF Building and the ball took place on the first floor. There was a nice orchestra that was playing jazz and a bit of classic music. There were also a lot of nice dancers with beautiful dresses. Even if you didn’t dance a lot it was a real pleasure to look at.

However, some of my friends complained about the fact that the music was too much the same style so they had to dance the same dances… And it was only 2 hours of dancing so not enough for a ball in our opinion.

The orchestra stopped to play around 2 o’clock and we moved to the other dance floor: it was a lot of electro music. I didn’t like it a lot because it’s not the kind of music you can really dance on! But there were some bars to drink and talk with people so finally we left very late.

It was a very good night and the price (300 SEK) includes the sittning and the entrance for the castle so it’s quite cheap when you think about it. I really recommended to future students to go there next semester! 🙂


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