Julavslutning 2010

14 Dec

Traditional semester send-off at the Domkyrka

It’s almost time to break off for the holidays and the University invites  students to join in at the Cathedral tomorrow Wednesday at 6pm for a ceremony marking the end of the term.

Lund Cathedral as it looked before the restauration by Helgo Zettervall in 1860-1880.

There will be speeches by the Vice-Chancellor, the Student Chaplains, the Kuratorskollegiet, the Akademiska Föreningen and the LTH student union, as well as singing by the nation choirs. The Facebook event link can be found here.

There appears to be a bit of debate surrounding this type of event, as there is some discussion about the place of the Church in Swedish life. In 2000, the Church of Sweden stopped being the state church (you can read an old article from The Washington Post about it here).

Questions have arisen about the relevance of end-of-term celebrations held in churches (though mostly for schools, not universities – some examples of articles about this can be found in The Local, like here or here), and some groups like the Humanisterna actively argue for secularization of Swedish society. Political parties appear divided on this issue, which seems to reflect a new type of questions being asked in Swedish society.

You can read an overview of the history of the church-state relation in Sweden here.


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