Housing/Spring 2011 AFB queue

1 Dec


Pitching a tent in a park isn't really an option in January.


Housing a #1 priority

If you are a new student in Lund that doesn’t have a guaranteed place to live, for example through the International Housing Office, getting in line for one of the AF Bostäder spots reserved for new students might be a good idea.

The AF Bostäder queue is the Lund University Academic Society’s (AF) housing service line-up for a room or apartment.

It’s all kinda complicated, but for now, you just need to know that you should probably read up and sign up here.

You should especially know the application period is from December 9 to January 9. BUT, to get access to specially reserved spots, apply between the 9th and 12th of December for this special lottery for new students.

Note you’ll need to become a member in Studentlund to have the right to live in an AF accomodation, so you might want to start with that if you haven’t already.

Also note that having applied to IHO is not enough to be certain of a roof over your head in the cold winter months (they call it the spring semester, but really the season won’t change until at least March): you need to have received an offer and have paid a deposit to be sure you’ve secured a room with them.

Again, it’s all pretty complicated. Your best bet is probably to apply now and ask questions later.

Good luck.


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