Christmas season starts

29 Nov

It’s beginning to look (and smell, and taste) a lot like Christmas…

Emil Norlander (1865-1935), Swedish journalist, songwriter and writer and producer of revues; seen here buying his "glögg" (traditional Swedish mulled wine) for the Christmas of 1916.

The lights are on all over town, there’s snow everywhere, there’s music in the air… And maybe you’re getting in the mood for a visit to a Christmas market? Don’t miss your chance to join the Internationella Kollegiet trip this Sunday – details are here.

The kind people at the Fredriksdal Museer Och Trädgårdar, where the market visit is taking place, shared this recipe with us – and now we share it with you!

Homemade mulled wine (glögg)

Ingredients (about 5 liters)

• 5 liters of light beer/non-alcoholic beer
• 50 g ordinary yeast
• 2.5 kg sugar
• 1 bag of cardamom seeds
• 1 piece fresh ginger (about 50g)
• 1 bag of bitter orange peel
• 1 bag of whole cloves
• 500g raisins
• 1 cinnamon stick
• 0.5 kg peeled and sliced raw potatoes

Follow these steps:
Use a bucket covered with a towel or plastic wrap, stick a number of holes or use a demijohn with airlock.

1. Pour beer and sugar in the pan and stir until sugar is dissolved.
2. Dissolve yeast in a glass of lukewarm water. Add the yeast and spices in the pan and stir/shake well.

Fermentation should start overnight.

3. Let proof for about 3 weeks. Stir/shake every day. The mulled wine is ready when there is no carbon (bubbles) left.
4. Let stand so that the sediment sinks to the bottom then pour the mulled wine into a clean container. Let stand one day and repeat, this time through a sieve to avoid turbidity. Let stand undisturbed for a week for clarification.
5. Time to bottle! If possible, use a syphon to avoid sediment.


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