Internet connection problems

8 Nov

Bredband2 out in Lund

Those who would profit from the information might not be able to read this, but since this morning those connecting to the web using a Bredband2 account through Lunds Energi Öppet Stadsnät are having problems getting online.

Bredband2 twitted the following at 11:09am this morning: “Driftstörning i Lund och Eslöv just nu. Tekniker är utskickade.” (“Malfunction in Lund and Eslöv right now. Techniques (technicians?) are deployed.”) Their customer service answering machine says something about things going back to normal after dinner.

This is being written from a Bredband2 connection that just started working again, a good sign – but the Bredband2 connection next door still isn’t functioning. Ironically, the working connection is the free student account while the other is a paying one… Go figure. 😛


3 Responses to “Internet connection problems”

  1. The Dynamo November 9, 2010 at 17:13 #

    The second connection started working around noon today. Hope everyone else is now online!

  2. The Dynamo November 9, 2010 at 23:13 #

    AHA! Apparently this was all planned! Read here!


  1. More internet disruptions « The Dynamo - November 9, 2010

    […] We reported yesterday that Bredband2 Lunds Energi Öppet Stadsnät customers were disconnected most of the day (and some still were this morning). Apparently it was all planned! You can read more about it here. […]

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