All Saints’ Day

5 Nov

Remembering those gone before

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Alla helgons dag (see our post here). Whether you feel like celebrating the holiday or not, you might still want to note that some shops will likely have reduced hours (or simply be closed!) this afternoon and all day tomorrow.

If you do want to mark the occasion however, here is another spot you might want to visit, as suggested by The Dynamo‘s James Ho. Even if you have already been to the Cathedral, this might be a proper time to go down to where some are resting for all time…

Lesser-known Lund

“The basement or the underground compartment of a building always keep a mysterious side of itself. This is one of the first things I did when I was there at the church – to visit the crypt. Besides tombs and the specially designed pillars, this is one of the corners that actually caught my attention. It does not have too many extraordinary elements but it is the pure simplicity of light pouring into the otherwise dark basement, which won my second look.”

‘Lesser-known Lund’ text and photo by James Ho. Find more hidden spots in our October issue!


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