Demonstration against violence and racism

24 Oct

Gathering to denounce racist attacks in Malmö

In reponse to recent shootings of immigrants in Malmö (discussed here in The Local, but also here by the BBC), local organization Malmö hjärta mångfald (literally, ‘Malmo heart Diversity’) is putting on a demonstration tomorrow Monday (October 25), from 6-8pm.

Anti-racist demonstration in Lund in September. © Mark Wong.


Here is the Google-translated text from the Facebook event invitation:

“Stop shooting – together, we are bulletproof!

Social injustice insecurity, we want a safe Malmo – for everyone!

Together we are bulletproof, come to Gustav Adolf Square on Monday 18:00 and show your disgust with the recent shootings.
We light the torches, listening to music and speeches, showing what kind of Malmö we want.

Important to all is, now it has gone too far, bring your friends and family, Malmo belong to us!

List of speakers and performers updated continuously.”

The invitation links to this (always Google-translated!) Sydsvenskan article for reflection.

There were anti-racism demonstrations all across Sweden following the entry into Parliament of the anti-immigration Sverige Demokraterna in September, including in Lund (as reported here by The Dynamo‘s Mark Wong). To read a bit more about the current political climate in Sweden, you can read our October issue.


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