International Ball

21 Oct

Did you pack formal attire?

Every semester, the Nations’ international secretaries get together to involve international students in Lund’s ball tradition, hosting the international ball, where all international students are invited to put their best forward!

This fall, it will be held on Saturday, November 20, starting at 7pm with a sittning (3 course meal) at Malmö Nation, followed by the dance inside the AF Castle (in conjunction with Blekingska’s Höstblot).

Tickets are limited (and you must have a valid nation card!), so it is recommended to be at Student Info (AF building) on Monday, October 25, at 9am (!) to be sure to snag a spot.

Tickets to the dinner and ball cost 300 SEK (which is relatively cheap for a ball in Lund). A “wine package” for the sittning can be bought for 100 SEK extra.

Note a Lund student ball is quite the formal affair normally, with men in frack (white tie) and women in full-length gowns. For the international ball, as international students may not want or be able to go all out, the requested dress code is relaxed to dark suit for men and cocktail dress for women. (Just don’t show up in jeans saying The Dynamo said it was ok!)

If you do wish to go for the full experience – men, it’s possible to rent a frack (right down to the shoes) inside the AF building. Women, you might want to try your luck renting a ball gown in a bridal shop or finding your own in one of Lund’s second-hand shops?


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