Non-mandatory AF/Nation/Union membership

14 Oct

Studentlund declared “a success”

In spite of this year’s changes to century-old rules that made membership in Akademiska Föreningen, Nations (Kuratorskollegiet) and Student Unions optional, 25,484 persons have joined the newly-formed Studenlund this semester.

Studentlund is a one-stop shop, meaning that the one membership includes all three levels of organizations. 88% of students have apparently joined this term, a number that comes as a reassurance to those afraid the new rules would spell doom for organizations that have been around for hundreds and hundreds of year.

More here (Google translated) and here (in Swedish).


2 Responses to “Non-mandatory AF/Nation/Union membership”

  1. Jan October 14, 2010 at 18:32 #


    I am joined in nation etc. and I like it, but the number will be definitely lower if they give student discounts to people outside of nation… So it is not really voluntary 🙂


  1. Non-mandatory nation membership « The Dynamo - October 22, 2010

    […] the announcement about a better-than-expected enrolment into nations (see here), Lundagård looked at the numbers for each nation and realized the results overall might be […]

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