Change to Swedish monetary system

1 Oct

Take a good look, this has just become a collector's item!

The öre has retired?!

The Swedish 50 öre coin is officially no longer valid tender in Sweden as of, well, today.

Worth half a Swedish krona (so 1/2 SEK), the decision to stop producing it was made in 2008, with September 30th, 2010, marked as the last day on which the coin would be valid.

If you’re stuck with rolls and rolls of the coins, note you can exchange them at banks until March 31st, 2011.

In case you’re thinking this is a joke, it appears on the official Riksbank (the world’s oldest central bank) website. The Local has a detailed article complete with official yet humorous video commercials made by the Riksbank about the ‘retirement’ of the coin.


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