Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

23 Sep

FFF Kicks Off Today!!

Text and photo by Umut Hanioğlu

What better fun than catching a movie with friends, like these guys?

The Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, which premieres tonight at 21:00 with Scott Pilgrim vs The World at the Kino, will run until October 2.

The FFF offers a mix of new and not-so-new science fiction, fantasy and horror films, one of which will surely attract your attention. This year the festival hosts recent audience pleasers such as the UK hit Shaun of the Dead and The Illusionist.

You can also see a number of new features by acclaimed directors in the horror/fantasy genre, such as Faye Jackson’s debut feature Strogoi, a story based on the vampire folklore of Romanian village life. For the hardcore science fiction fan, I recommend Stranger in a Strange Land, a film based on writer Robert Heinlein’s lenghty book of the same name.

The films are taking place at the Kino and Södran as well as at the Stadshallen. Tickets are 75 SEK (100 SEK for 3D movies), but an additional 40 SEK membership is first required – there are also multi-movie packages (details here).

For more info, check out the official website (parts in English) or check around town and grab a booklet!!

A night at the movies is classic good fun.


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