Anti-racism demonstration in Lund

23 Sep

“Inga rasister på våra gator”*

Text and photos by Mark Wong

An anti-racist demonstration took place in Lund this evening at 7pm.  The meeting point was at Stortorget and by 7:30pm the place was all filled up.

Two police cars were in sight and the policemen there were just making sure everything was peaceful and orderly.  Organizers had earlier planned to walk around town while carrying banners expressing their opposition towards racism after the Swedish Democrats party won slightly more than 5% of the seats in the recently concluded elections.

More details and pictures here… Right after the walk around town, they congregated back in Stortorget to listen to several speakers from the Swedish political parties.  There were Hanna Hakansson of Liberal Youth in Skåne, Andreas Kjellander from SSU Skåne, and Sten Axelson Fisk, member of the Socialist Justice Party.

According to the Facebook page, Antirasistisk demonstration i Lund, the demonstration in Lund is part of a greater scheme of all demonstrations that will or have taken place in all of Sweden.  The sentiment is that the vast majority of Swedish people (94%) do not condone racism and will therefore take to the streets to protest against the inclusion of the SD party into the Parliment.

Democracy provides the platform for people of varying ideologies to air their own views and thoughts through the freedom of expression.  It is a shame that at this time and age, a racist or xenophobic party was able to increase its number of seats in the Swedish parliament.

Note: The writer does not understand much Swedish and hence missed out of a lot of the speeches that were delivered so if anyone has any more to comment on the events that transpired, please do so for the benefit of non-Swedish speakers.

*”No racists in our streets”


3 Responses to “Anti-racism demonstration in Lund”

  1. Neil September 26, 2010 at 12:21 #

    Having experienced firsthand the extent to which xenophobia and cultural ignorance about the wider world, had graduated to sheer hatred and vile among the Swedes,during my two year long stay in Lund, I can just sympathise with these prostesters! I cannot talk about the whole of Sweden, but Lund undoubtedly appeared to host Hitlers remains,everywhere! My vote goes for Lund,as the most hateful crowds,of anywhere I have visited in my entire life.

  2. ano September 29, 2010 at 20:45 #

    Take a look at the demo here:


  1. Demonstration against violence and racism « The Dynamo - October 24, 2010

    […] of the anti-immigration Sverige Demokraterna in September, including in Lund (as reported here by The Dynamo‘s Mark Wong). To read a bit more about the current political climate in Sweden, […]

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