2010 Swedish Elections Wrap-up

20 Sep

A little further to the right?

The centre-right ‘Alliance’ remains in power and Fredrik Reinfeldt keeps his seat as Prime Minister, but the coalition did not succeed in gaining a majority of seats in Parliament.

The Local gives an overview of the national results here (in English).

One much talked about result from the election is the entry in Parliament of the ‘Swedish Democrats’, a far-right, anti-immigration party.They received a large enough part of their support in Skåne, where it seems to have been the third most popular choice overall (see here – note the result for Skåne are not yet final). This was less of the case in Lund, where they came out 7th (the results from Lund are available here – note the last two links, from Sydsvenskan, are in Swedish – but numbers speak for themselves).

(Look for a more in-depth analysis of the Swedish election in the next published issue of The Dynamo!)


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