Annual Parentesen Brännboll Tournament – Update!

19 Sep

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Let the games begin!

Text and pictures by Mark Wong

The annual Parentesen Brännboll tournament started today Saturday (September 18) and will continue for one week, ending Friday (September 24).

This event was supposed to be held in the Spring, but the Parentesen yard was under renovations at that time.

The participants are the various corridors in Parentesen and they will play for the glory and also a prize.  The worst loser will have to clean up the mess created after the game though.  So we all do not want to be in that team!


September 19:

The Sunday games kicked off with very nice sunny weather.  The first game was between level A4 and the whole of B block.  It was a pretty fast paced game with both teams having pretty strong batters.  B block’s main catcher (catcher positioned by the outing base, Brännplatta) is quite good as he is able to burn a lot of players early in the game, which puts pressure on the team.

September 18:


One Response to “Annual Parentesen Brännboll Tournament – Update!”

  1. Mark Wong September 23, 2010 at 19:36 #

    There will be an all day after-Brännboll party on Saturday in Parentesen.

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