Sweden introduces tuition fees for non-EU students

13 Sep

Lund University one of the most expensive?


Swedish tuition fees will apparently be above the Continental European average, but perhaps more in line with Northern European countries'? Source: http://www.mastersportal.eu - Average international tuition fee for post-graduate eduation at the TIMES Higher Education Top 100 univerisities 2008, by region. Based on the exchange rate of 07/02/2009.


There are different hopes and fears at Lund University in view of the coming change in tuition fees for international (non-EU, Swiss, or Icelandic?) students wishing to come study in Sweden.

Some of these wishful or fearful views regard the relatively high fees set by Lund University, which surpass those decided upon by other Swedish universities such as Uppsala.

There’s an article (with the latest money figures by program or faculty) about this issue here, which features a few articles in prevision of the 2011 tuition change.

You can also find out a bit more in our previous posts on the matter, like this one or this one!


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