Lunchtime with the LU Academic Society

12 Sep

Will they serve Swedish classics for lunch? (Picture by miss eskimo-la-la - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license)

Novischer invited by Akademiska Föreningen and Tegnérs matsalar

This Wednesday (September 15) at 12:15, new students are invited to the AF building for a light lunch and an introduction to what the AF is all about.

You can check out the official invitation (Google translated) here.

hej you guys,how are you? i see, the blog is getting better and better – nice work!
speaking of work: i’m applying for an online-writing job now and was wondering, if you could write me an recommendation letter for my work with you.
i did some articles, a poll and helped you get started on the blog – textual as well as design wise and with photos.
do you think that would be possible?

i would be very greatful, if you could help me, because i really really need and want this job 🙂
just tell me, if i should write something for you or can help you otherwise,
best wishes from norway,


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